TikTok Is Obsessed with This Viral Knit Pumpkin DIY — No Crocheting Needed

published Oct 7, 2023
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Decorative knitted pumpkins from white and orange threads. Handmade. Halloween and Thanksgiving Day zero waste concept. DIY decor. Hard shadows from sunlight
Credit: Fiordaliso/Getty Images

As a dedicated crafter who spends too much time crocheting, I’m obsessed with all of the knit and crochet home decor trends this season — especially the viral knit pumpkins I’ve seen all over TikTok. While I’ve spent hours stitching together my own crochet pumpkins for fall, I recently came across a video that makes DIY knit pumpkins way more accessible for people who don’t sew or crochet. 

TikTok content creator Morgan Winton (@ourwintonhome) shared an easy fall decor DIY in a viral TikTok video, which shows how to make your own knit pumpkins using — wait for it — socks. In the post, Winton shares a step-by-step knit pumpkin tutorial — no sewing needle or thread needed. 

First, she cuts off the foot of a cable-knit sock and stuffs it into a rounded shape using Poly-fil (which you can either purchase new on Amazon or thrift a throw pillow and remove the stuffing). She then uses a piece of twine to gather and tie the top of the filled sock, while leaving a small piece sticking out as a makeshift stem. To create the pumpkin ridges, Winton wraps curling ribbon in a corresponding color around the round base several times to section it off, then ties the end to the top of the pumpkin. 

For the stem, she uses another piece of twine and applies hot glue to the base of the gathered area to secure it down. She then wraps the twine tightly around the protruding portion of the pumpkin until a stem forms, before snipping off the excess and securing it down with another glob of hot glue. For a finishing touch, she adds a faux leaf to the base of the stem. 

“I’m so excited over how these turned out!!” Winton captioned the video. “They were so easy to make and look cozy in the kitchen.”

With fall fashion hitting the shelves, now’s the best time to find adorable, cozy socks to re-create this festive, simple craft. You could use cable knit socks in neutral tones like Winton, but you could also go for fuzzy, ribbed, or even funky Halloween patterns (these glow-in-the-dark ghost socks or these bats and pumpkins socks would be so fun).

I love this DIY fall decor idea because it takes just minutes to create, and there are so many ways to style them in your home. You can use the pumpkins on your tablescape in a large wooden bowl, incorporate them into your table settings, or add them to your entryway table. You could also use kids’ socks to make smaller versions and glue them to a wreath, or stacked on a skewer to create a fun planter ornament.