7 Fun and Unique Crochet Patterns to Try for Yourself

published May 10, 2022
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Credit: WoolayMo

If you’re a crocheter plumbing the depths of Ravelry for ever more patterns to add to your yarn-filled arsenal, you know you’ll likely be barraged by a countless number of hats, scarves, shawls, and stuffed animals. They all start to blend together after a while — especially if you’re looking for something a little more fun and unique to work on. Well don’t worry, we’ve got you (and your hooks) covered. These patterns stray from the norm, giving you a chance to flex those creative crochet muscles.


I love mushrooms. I could eat them all day, in everything. I’ve grown my own portobellos and oyster mushrooms, and have foraged for morels and chanterelles in the woods by my home. If you’re as much of a mushroom nut as me, then grab those crochet hooks and make yourself this entire collection of fancy mushrooms. Just don’t try to eat them.


Who doesn’t want a plant that never dies? With this Monstera pattern, you can have just that — a beautifully green potted plant that stays that way forever. Try putting it in the middle of a group of real plants, and see who notices. It’s the ultimate plant-based prank.

Credit: KnotMonster


One of my brothers is a paramedic. We’re incredibly proud of him and all the work he does. So to celebrate, I’m considering making him this group of 11 crocheted organs for Christmas. Then he can go full Frankenstein and make his own creative assembly of the body’s internal order.


Halloween fans, make the holiday last all year when you crochet this big human skeleton. You can put it anywhere around your house and never be alone again. Have tea with it. Sit it up with friends. Stand it in the corner and let it freak out guests. The possibilities are really endless when you have a skelefriend by your side.

Sea Slugs

Who among us thinks the sea slugs are some of the most fascinating creatures at the aquarium? Go ahead, raise your hands. They’re so colorful, and showcase some of the best of the weirdness of aquatic life. Now you can bring them out of the water and into your home with this set of crocheted sea slugs.


Support Ukraine by purchasing the pattern for this adorable crocheted sunflower in a pot. The sunflower is Ukraine’s national flower, and this shop is based there — so you can be sure your purchase will benefit a Ukrainian artist.

Belle Dress Blanket

Alright, hear me out. I know this is a blanket. But it’s so much more! It’s a blanket designed to look like Belle’s dress from Beauty and the Beast, and you put your arms through the dress’ arm holes to keep the blanket on. I made this for my niece years ago and it turned out perfectly. So if you have a kid in your life that loves Belle and her outfits (or if you do yourself!) this is a must-make.