I Love This Lamp and Yes, #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt

published Oct 29, 2021
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Of all the places on the internet to find inspiration for my home, TikTok has definitely been the most surprising — and the most addicting. I can spend endless hours watching anything from life hacks on how to fold fitted sheets to the most jaw-dropping home renovations. My favorite thing about TikTok, though, has to be all the cool things people seem to find for literally every room in the house. Amazon is one of the top places to find the best little things you didn’t know you needed. I even have an Amazon shopping list named “TikTok Made Me Buy It,” hence this new series you’ll be seeing monthly from me right here on AT. The latest thing I bought? This table lamp with a levitating light bulb.

Many of the videos that go viral seem to have one thing in common: They’re all showcasing products that blow people’s minds in one way or another, and this one definitely falls under that category. A table lamp with a lightbulb that appears to float in mid-air? I’d say that definitely qualifies, so naturally, I was intrigued. When I went to order one for myself, I quickly realized there are a few different levitating bulb lamp models to choose from. Some have string lights inside their bulbs and feature wireless charging in the base, while others use magnets for their magical hovering bulbs and still offer wireless charging in their bases, if that’s something you’re interested in.

Ultimately, the levitating bulb table lamp I got from Amazon for myself is kind of industrial looking: matte black with an exposed bulb and a sleek gold accent around the top. At first glance, it seemed pretty straightforward. About 30 seconds after opening it, I realized it was straightforward. Assembly was super simple: All I had to do was plug the power cord into the base, plug the base into the wall, and connect the bulb. The magic behind these table lamps is two invisible magnets, one in the base at the top of the lamp’s arm and the other in the bulb itself. I followed the instructions by holding the bulb underneath the arm and slowly raising it until it locked into place, then boom — the light switched on!

I wanted to put my lamp on the entryway table by my front door, so I decided not to get the one with the wireless charging pad since I was looking for a purely aesthetic glow here. This decision ultimately saved me $10, which was nice. If you decide to give this lamp a try but would like to have it power up your phone or other compatible electronics, then you can get this model for just $10 more from the same retailer on Amazon.

What I like most about this lamp is how simple it is in terms of both design and finish. I consider my style to be modern and neutral, so even though the lamp is “flashy” and has a wow-factor, it’s still fairly subtle and doesn’t overpower the rest of the decor on my table. As we move toward hosting season, keep in mind that this piece’s also a great conversation starter! Anyone who comes into my house wants to know where I got the lamp, how it works, and if they can touch it (you can!).

Budget table lamps can range anywhere from $20 to $150, so this one is pretty reasonably priced at $89.99 when you factor in the task lighting it adds to this spot in my home and its fun look. You can gift it or keep it for yourself, but either way, this one definitely lives up to the TikTok hype and can be in your home in no time (if you have Amazon Prime).