These Viral TikTok Paper Bag Stars Are the New Paper Snowflakes

published Dec 2, 2022
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Making paper snowflakes is a timeless Christmas tradition that is easy, fun, and can give your home a lot of holiday spirit. But one TikToker just showed how to make paper bag stars, which are basically 3D versions of the classic paper snowflake that will make a big impact with little to no cost (or effort!).

TikTok user ( says she can’t take credit for creating this craft, but admits it’s definitely changed the decorating game for her at Christmastime. All together, she spent about $4 on paper bags from the dollar store — though all together, you need paper lunch bags, hot glue, and scissors to complete the DIY.

You can make your stars as large or small as you’d like, but make sure you’re always working with an odd number of bags. recommends using seven to nine bags to make more complex-looking stars, but three or five bags works, too.

Divide your total number of bags into two piles and glue the bags in both piles to one another using a T-shape line of hot glue at the bottom and down the center of the bags. Then, cut the tops of the bags (the opening) into a pointed shape, and add more decorative cuts around the edges.

Glue the two stacks together using the T-shape method and then grab the top bag and pull the star open. Adhere the two free ends together to create the 3D star.

You can also decorate the bags before you assemble the star using markers or glitter (which could make for a fun crafting activity for the kids!), or leave the exterior plain. To hang, just punch a hole in one of the star’s peaks and string a ribbon or fishing line through and knot into a loop.

Paper snowflakes are fun, but these 3D paper stars are Fun with a capital F.