This TikToker’s Sea Glass Collection Is So Big, It Has Its Own Cottage

published May 1, 2023
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High Angle View Of Glass Pebbles
Credit: Melissa Rosete-Wolfe / EyeEm

If you’re a collector, then you know just how important it is to display your items properly and prominently. One woman who lives on the coast of Maine definitely knows the value of doing just that, because she has an entire garden cottage dedicated to displaying her enormous sea glass collection. Just one look, and you’ll want to move in.

“I thought I’d show off my little sea glass cottage,” the creator behind the @theseaglasscottage TikTok page said in an April 24 video. “The reason that I originally started posting on TikTok was because I have a massive collection of sea glass and I just wanted to share it.”

“The issue with the sea glass was just I had so much of it that there was nowhere to put it,” she continues. “So, my husband … built me this little cabin in my garden on the pond so I have a place to display all my sea glass.”

The cottage was constructed completely out of scrap materials and includes a seating area and a loft. The Sea Glass Queen, as we’re dubbing her, uses wire stands to display her finds, which are all thrifted and spray painted white. She even has separate spots for the bits of ceramic she finds, alongside other bowls filled with abandoned birds’ and wasps’ nests on the second level.

And the cottage is even more spectacular at night.

“I’m really proud of it,” she says.

“I think you might actually be a dragon,” one person wrote in the comments. Another added, “This thoroughly appeals to my little crow brain.”

You probably didn’t think you needed a cottage for your collections until just now, but after seeing this, it might be all you think about.