This TikToker Found the Most Surprising Hack for Faking Luxe Wallpaper

published Jan 10, 2024
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Credit: Erin Derby

This viral DIY on TikTok is getting viewers’ stamp of approval. In a video posted by Erin Erickson, the self-described design and decor enthusiast delighted all of her followers after she revealed her bathroom wall renovation that used a completely unexpected substitute for a whimsical bathroom wallpaper: stamps.

In the TikTok, she showed her followers two stamps with bunny and bouquet designs, and teases the “before” of a blank white wall, before cutting to the “after” of the transformation.

And it really delivers. The wall, complete with alternating bunny-and-bouquet lines, now showcases tons of personality, thanks to the stamps’ handcrafted aesthetic and feel and perfectly on-trend use of sage green against the white wall and gray flooring.

One commenter summed it up perfectly: “I actually love the imperfection of stamping [because] it adds more depth and character than just a wallpaper!” Another chimed in on the advantages of choosing stamps over wallpaper: “… it’s basically handmade wallpaper” without any of the seams.

According to Erickson, doing this project was not as difficult as you might think. She shared in replies to some of the comments that she was able to do the full project in two hours, achieving straight lines by eyeballing one row at a time. (If a rustic look isn’t for you, you can use a laser level to get perfectly straight rows.)

The stamps last long, too. Erickson commented that the designs won’t melt from the bathroom’s humidity since she used a semi-gloss sage green paint to apply. 

Erickson credits the inspiration for the project to TikTok user Dessie McCormick, who featured the stamp aesthetic in a video about her niece’s nursery.

Using stamps as a wallpaper alternative is a ingenious renter-friendly solution for anyone who might not want to lose their deposit or deal with the headache of removal. (It’s also a fantastic solution for anyone, regardless of whether you rent or own, if you want to get the feel of a printed look without going all-in on wallpaper.) The best part? If you make a mistake, you can simply paint over the stamp and try again!