This (Paint-Free!) Renter-Friendly Hack Instantly Updates Your Walls

published May 9, 2023
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You already rely on painter’s tape and duct tape for everything, but did you know you could use it as a budget-friendly, easy method to instantly elevate your walls, simply by leaving it on instead of removing it?

Allow TikToker @laurenbridgesofficial to explain. In a recent video, the creator shared that she lined black duct tape where the ceiling meets the walls in her bedroom, turning plain white renter walls into something unexpected and sophisticated.

And while the spirit of the idea swayed fans and followers, some mentioned that duct tape would likely rip the paint off the walls — a decidedly not renter-friendly move — with commenters recommending the use of black painter’s tape instead to protect the integrity of the existing paint.

Your mileage may vary, of course, but when it comes to dealing with painted walls, you’ll probably want to err on the side of caution. As one commenter wrote: “I learned recently duct tape removes paint when we freshly painted and put duct tape over instead of painters tape and there went the paint,” to which Bridges replied, “This paint is not fresh. Hasn’t been painted in yearsssss. Do not do this on fresh paint!” Others pointed out that it’s less to do with the freshness of the paint and more to do with how long the duct tape is kept on the walls, adhering more firmly with time and increasing the chance of peeling or chipping paint upon removal.

That’s why painter’s tape makes a perfect solution — especially if you’re hoping to, you know, not risk damaging your walls or the possibility of not getting your security deposit back. All you’ll need is a ladder to reach your ceiling, a steady hand, and, of course, painter’s tape in the hue of your choice, whether it be black or something equally bold and stylish.