The One Part of Your Bathroom You’re Forgetting to Clean

published Jan 23, 2021
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Credit: Cathy Pyle

Is there anyone who actually enjoys cleaning the bathroom? I recognize it’s important part of keeping my bathroom presentable and hygienic, but when it comes to actually getting the job done, I can’t confess to being fond of it. Which is why I tend to approach it with a plug-your-nose and just-get-it-done approach.

This is especially true when it comes to my toilet, which usually gets a quick swipe of the seat and outer bowl. If I’m feeling brave, I’ll clean underneath the seat and inside the bowl. The cycle continues, and I live with the feeling my toilet is never truly clean. 

Then, cleaning TikTok confirmed my suspicion that I’m missing a crucial toilet-cleaning step — and maybe you are, too.

The Toilet-Cleaning Step You’re Probably Missing

According to pro cleaner Vanessa Amaro, whose smart cleaning tips have amassed her more than 2 million followers, most people forget to detach their toilet seat when deep cleaning. 

This part of the process is admittedly easy to pass by, especially if you’re not fully dedicated to the process. On the other hand, the dirtiest part of your toilet (or any area of your home, for that matter) is the part you don’t often clean.

Fortunately, Amaro’s thorough cleaning doesn’t look all that painful in her video:

First, she pops off the toilet seat by the hinges (no screwdriver needed!). Then, she sprays down the space beneath the seat and the seat itself with Clorox Bleach Foamer Bathroom Spray. To finish the job, she scrubs down the actual hinges with Clorox spray followed up by a spray-and-rinse with Dawn PowerWash. In the video, Amaro uses a paper towel, but if you want, you can grab a microfiber cloth, sponge, or a stiff brush. 

When you’re done, reattach the seat and rest assured: Future you will always appreciate that you prevented harder work tomorrow by doing some moderately hard work today.