I Bought a “Kitschy” $30 Viral Goose Statue, and It Brings Me So Much Joy

published Feb 23, 2024
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Peach/pink painted art filled living room with a section of floral wallpaper on wall with fireplace.
Credit: Erin Derby

I always want my home decor to be a reflection of myself in both style and the things that bring me joy — which is how I ended up with one of my most ridiculous home decor purchases to date. The object I’m referring to is the iconic (and TikTok-viral) Gaggleville goose, aka a 23-inch-tall plastic goose statue designed to wear costumes and welcome house guests in all of its goosely glory. 

Here’s the thing: I love making my space feel stylish and elevated, and I’m particularly passionate about mixing modern pieces with carefully curated antique finds. But I also have no self-control around kitschy home decor — especially when, you know, it’s a goose statue with outfits. So when I saw one of my favorite TikTok creators, Moriah Dycus, change her gaggle of geese into Halloween costumes last fall, it was an immediate “yes” for me. Since then, I’ve watched countless other TikTok creators dress their geese in celebration of new seasons, festive holidays, and more, all while also participating in my own goose statue outfits of the month.

Where Did the Lawn Goose Statue Trend Originate? 

The goose statue TikTok trend might be new to me, but it’s actually been around for over four decades (according to my dad, the Quinn household had our own porch goose when I was a young kid in the ‘90s). 

Lawn geese flocked (ha) to neighborhood porches and front yards sometime in the 1980s, with their popularity growing into the 1990s. Some migrated on in the 2000s (likely to the shelves of Goodwill and Salvation Army), although many remained a porch decor staple — especially in some Midwest states, where they’re considered a quintessential piece of pop culture. The original lawn geese were made from concrete, but you can now find them in a plastic blow mold form. 

These lawn ornaments have seen a recent resurgence in popularity across the United States, thanks to TikTok’s love — okay, obsession — with quirky home decor. If you’re on #Goosetok (which has its own hashtag and TikTok account), you’ll find dozens of videos of lawn geese dressed up in a variety of elaborate costumes, including a Kansas City Chiefs outfit, a custom Barbie ensemble, and interchangeable holiday looks.

Credit: Jessie Quinn

Lawn Goose Costumes

The goose statue is a silly and fun tradition, plus a cute reminder to add some playfulness to your decor — whether you choose to display it inside or as a porch or lawn ornament. It’s also the best medium to decorate for the holidays. Similar to garden flags, these geese offer a quick and easy way to refresh your outdoor decor for the season without much effort.

Miles Kimball carries the plastic Gaggleville goose itself, plus plenty of corresponding goose outfits, including a few options for spring. Etsy is another great place to shop for these goose get-ups — especially if you want more unique and handmade options, or even patterns you can make on your own, like this crochet raincoat or hoodie and sweatshirt bundle. You’ll also find plenty of costumes via Amazon for re-styling this cute collector’s item year-round.