6 TikTokers Who Built Dream Homes — for Their Pets

updated May 31, 2022
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Credit: Bev Wilson

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Pet parents consider pets to be part of the family, so it’s natural to dedicate extra time and space to beloved animals and include them in activities. 

For some pet owners, though, pets aren’t just close relatives — they’re straight-up royalty. Of course, being royal comes with all sorts of special privileges, from fancy food and toys to dedicated social media accounts. Some pet parents even give lucky pets their own bedrooms, complete with animal-friendly furniture and decor. 

Want to see what this means? Just check out these six TikTokers, who have gone the extra mile and then some to create dream homes for their pets. 

Renovators Who Rehabbed a Closet for Their Cat

All cat parents know their pets benefit from occasional privacy — and that cats need plenty of vertical space to thrive. Kelsey and Ryan, who go by @newbuild_newlyweds on TikTok, transformed a small closet into a perfectly glam cat hideout, complete with a bed, multiple climbing surfaces, and an adorable hole in the wall for entry and exit. And that cat-themed wallpaper and fancy gallery wall? Chef’s kiss. 

A Dachshund Dad Who Created a Scaled-Down Living Room 

Benjamin Mazer, known as @theworldsbestdogdad, built a mini living room for Peaches, Challah, and Mitzi, his three miniature dachshunds. He initially wanted to create a room to keep his dogs safe when he left the house, but the fully decked-out space is so much more than a safe haven. Outfitted with modern, dachshund-sized furniture and custom art and decor made by Mazer himself — including a faux fireplace and bar cart — the space is literally a tiny version of a room a human would want to hang out in. 

A DIY Fanatic Who Creatively Repurposed the Space Under His Stairs

You don’t have to have an entire extra room to give your pet so that they can have their own territory. Jonathan Lower, aka @AGuyandAGolden and @thehomeprojectguy, transformed the space beneath his home’s staircase into a cozy alcove for his golden retriever, Teddy. Along with a working TV and fireplace, the space has a custom window seat. Of course, there’s no view for Teddy in the closet, so Jonathan cleverly hung a framed photo of the outdoors to look like a window.

An Influencer Who Set Up a Dog-Sized Bedroom

A dog bed is one thing. A dog bedroom, like the one TikTok influencer Toni Daley (@tonidaleyofficial) created for her pup Marley, reaches a whole other level. Furnished with a rug, dog-sized bed and headboard, bedside table, and dog-friendly art, this doggy bedroom is just as chic as it is cozy. Lest you wonder what a dog keeps in their bedside table: treats, of course.

A Dog Owner Who Built a Fully-Equipped Nursery 

One of the most popular dogs on TikTok, Harry the vizsla mix (@harrythegoodestgoodboy), has his own super cute nursery any new parent would envy. Instead of a bed, Harry’s owner set up the space with a toddler crib (basically, a regular crib with one side taken off for easy access). The room also houses Harry’s food and water, toys, clothes, and accessories — plus, no shortage of canine decor, including a gallery wall of Harry’s dog heroes (we see you, Snoopy). 

A Savvy Dog Mom Who Created an Under-the-Stairs Nap Space

Adriana Alva (@adriana_alva13), dog mom to Chewy, also creatively used the space beneath her stairs as a farmhouse-inspired bedroom for her dog, Chewy. The room itself has a bed and some dog toys — and air-conditioning — perfect for the pup to get some much-needed downtime. Outside the door, Alva hung some family photos and hooks for Chewy’s leashes. Cute and functional!