7 Sneaky Ways Your Stuff is Stealing Your Time

published Mar 2, 2018
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Sometimes your stuff gets in the way of, well, life. Whether it’s not being able to find your keys when you’re already running late for work or missing a train because you took too long digging through your purse for your transit card, searching for everyday essentials can have a major impact on your daily routine.

Andy Fallshaw, owner and CEO of Bellroy, a brand that specializes in thoughtfully designed products to make life easier, knows a thing or two about the importance of streamlining your stuff. He explains:

“We often overlook all the time spent in transition, preparing for our next activity, or wrapping up our last. From dashing home to swap a workbag for a backpack before our next jaunt, to wrestling with an overloaded wallet while folks wait in line behind us – these micro-moments sap time and energy from each day. And they can feel disproportionately overwhelming when added together.”

Thankfully, the web is brimming with brilliant products designed to make our lives, and more specifically, those moments where our stuff is getting in the way of living them, more efficient. To prove our point, we rounded up seven ways your stuff is stealing your time, and the solution for them. Read ahead for ideas on how to make your everyday lives go a lot more smoothly.

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Time-Stealer: You can’t ever seem to find your keys

We’ve all been there. Pushed snooze one to many times and now you’re running late and, crap, can’t find your keys in your messy apartment.

Tile Mate at Amazon, $19: The Tile Mate is tiny enough to attach to all of your daily essentials (including your keys) and uses an internal Bluetooth tracker to instantly locate them. Now you can snooze easy in the a.m. knowing you know exactly where your keys are.

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Time-Stealer: You’re always digging in your purse to find something

Can’t ever seem to find anything in your black hole of a bag? An overstuffed purse can be your demise when you’re searching for something in a rush.

RW Collections Handbag Organizer at Amazon, $14: Not only does this sleek purse organizer help you corral all your daily essentials, it allows you to switch from bag to bag with ease.

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Time-Stealer: You keep misplacing your public transit card

Nothing is worse than making it to the bus or train just in time to see it speed away because you didn’t have your transit card ready.

Phone Case (3 Card) at Bellroy, $70: Along with keeping three of your most important cards close by, this 3-card phone case by Bellroy has a savvy SIM card slot. Says Fallshaw of the product he swears by: This phone case has removed a whole chunk of anxiety from my life. Now, as long as I grab my phone, I know I can navigate most tasks in my daily routine.”

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Time-Stealer: You’re always untwisting your earphones

Believe it or not, untangling your earphone cords can really slow you down during your daily commute.

Cord Tacos (set of 5) at CB2, $30: Not only will these cute cord tacos keep your earphones in check throughout the day, they can clip to your pants, bag, or shirt as an added bonus.

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Time-Stealer: You’re always confusing cables

Too many cords can be a big problem—and a major time drain—in the middle of a chaotic workday.

Bluelounge CableDrop Cable Management System at Amazon, $9: Attach one of these clever mini cable drops straight to your office wall or desk and you’ll never confuse another cable again.

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Time-Stealer: You missed your flight because it took too long to get through airport security

The only thing worse than dealing with long airport security lines is being the person that backs everything up because your carry-on wasn’t organized.

Classic Backpack at Bellroy, $149: Not only is this brilliantly designed backpack insanely comfortable, it organizes everything from a 15″ laptop to credit cards and pens thanks to built-in storage compartments and external quick-access pockets.

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Time-Stealer: You need easy access to your keys

A messy keychain can mark the beginning of your downfall during a crazy day. Avoid wasting time searching for a single, but oh so important key by keeping your most-needed keys organized and accessible at all times.

Key Cover at Bellroy, $45: This super slim leather key cover can hold up to four keys at once and lets you adjust their positions for easy access on the go.