This Hand-Built Tiny Bus Home Is Simply Stunning Inside

This Hand-Built Tiny Bus Home Is Simply Stunning Inside

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Name: Michael Fuehrer
Location: Originally from New Jersey, but now travel all over North America. I like to tell people I live somewhere between the 101 and Highway 95.
Size: 190 square feet
Years Lived In: 1 year 4 months, owned

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I built and designed my own tiny home out of a school bus around a year ago… and I have been living full-time working and traveling in my home all over North America, including Alaska, Western Canada, and 33 states.

It is a fully off-grid home which sleeps six comfortably, has a full kitchen with residential appliances, a custom six-foot foldable dining table, office space, bathroom with a shower, roof top deck and more. My home is designed after a Craftsman-styled home in the PNW.

Find more about Michael and his home on Facebook and YouTube.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: I really like rustic cabins but some tend to be too dark for me. I like to give them a light and bright feel with industrial touches.

Inspiration: I tend to get a lot of my design inspirations from Craftsman Style homes. I really love the earth tones and the awesome use of wood.

Favorite Element: The kitchen space in my bus is my favorite. I love that within such a tiny space, I was able to include a full oven and sink for entertaining guests.

Biggest Challenge: Designing within a tube. The length of a school bus naturally forces you into galley style designs. It is a big challenge to create natural-feeling space dividers and an open concept within a 7.5-foot wide space.

What Friends Say: Most of my friends are very supportive of my living situation. Over the past year, many of them have actually came and stayed with me on the bus.

Biggest Embarrassment: I am not embarrassed about any part of my home.

Proudest DIY: Building my custom dining room table that fits underneath the couch. I really wanted to have a dining table in my bus so that I could have people over for dinner.

Biggest Indulgence: A full-size fridge. The full-size fridge is so overkill in an off-grid structure and is my biggest power draw, but I really wanted to have the feelings of a traditional home and be able to store a lot of fresh food.

Best Advice: Don’t think of it like, “I live in a school bus”…. think, “My apartment can move!”

Dream Sources: Looking through Instagram is a great resource. It is so awesome to see all the cool ideas and awesome designs people come up with.


Sherwin-Williams Industrial Pro Series Paint – Olive Wood

Speakers – Amazon
Exterior lighting – Amazon

Lighting cages – Home Depot
LED lights – Amazon
Pillows – Bed, Bath and Beyond

Kitchen table — Custom Built

Oven – Home Depot
Fridge – Home Depot
Faucet – Amazon

Monitor mount – Best Buy

Toilet – Amazon
Shower faucet – Amazon
Shower head — Amazon
Tile – Mini subway tiles

Thanks, Michael!

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