This Tiny House-Inspired Wooden Camper Can Comfortably Sleep a Family of 3

updated Jul 28, 2020
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Credit: Carapate

With travel extremely limited, driving somewhere in the comfort of your own vehicle is ideal for a summer getaway—and this design-meets-functional camper lets you bring the family along for the ride. 

French camper company Carapate recently revealed its first two camper models—the Carapate and the Carriole—both of which showcase minimalist design and are highly functional. Measuring in at a mere 65 square feet, the difference between these two campers is the Carriole is “lighter,” meaning it has less exterior and interior features, which also makes it cheaper. 

With a passion for offering solutions in small spaces, designers Fabien Denis and Jean-Marie Reymond created the campers to provide stylish accommodations with small-space living solutions. “It was meticulous and methodical work,” Reymond told Dezeen. “We sought to optimize each square centimeter, and to imagine a space to live, sleep, cook.” 

Credit: Carapate
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The Carapate, which is €14,600 ($16,659), comes with three sliding panoramic windows, storage compartment and drawers, a removable mattress, a skylight, and PVC flooring. It’s furnished to fit two adults and one child. For €11,200 ($12,780), the Carriole comes with the sliding panoramic window, awning door, and PVC flooring, so it’s mostly a blank canvas that you can outfit on your own. 

The trailers are locally manufactured and made of TBX plywood, which the designers chose for being renewable, recyclable, resistant, and insulating—not to mention its contribution to creating a natural design aesthetic. Other sustainable features, like solar panels and LED lighting, are available to be added on.

Credit: Carapate

“Woodworking was a central element in the trailer’s design—for its characteristics, its aesthetics, and its environmental sustainability,” Reymond said. “Our design is inspired by various elements: tiny houses, watercraft, and caravans.”

To read more about the functional and design details of both trailers, check out Carapate’s website here.