This Tiny Room Concept Is a Retreat Within Your Own Home

published Jun 22, 2020
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Credit: Sidegiggle

During a pandemic, when your home is also your office and you share it with other people, how do you escape for a moment alone? In a big enough house, you could go to another room. But if you have only a small space, you might have to create your own room. Enter the Hid-den, a kind of mobile tiny room.

This is a concept by Sidegiggle, a design group that has been coming up with clever, funny, and absurd products and projects in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Credit: Sidegiggle

The free-standing version of the Hid-den looks like a wardrobe, with sliding doors that open to reveal a shallow storage area and a small office, with a work surface and a chair.

Another version of the Hid-den is larger and surrounded by bookshelves.

Credit: Sidegiggle

Sidegiggle explains how the idea of the Hid-den came to be. It explains that before the pandemic, we worked, went to school, exercised, and socialized outside the home, making the home a place of rest and retreat. Now, during the pandemic, our homes have become our offices, gyms, schools, and more, leaving them “at max capacity” and us “seeking rest and retreat elsewhere.”

Credit: Sidegiggle

“In a post-covid 19 world, how can we ensure spaces at home for retreat and reset?” writes Sidegiggle. “How can these spaces help to alleviate stress and anxiety?  How might this improve and support the holistic home ecosystem? As our homes expand (not necessarily in footprint) to take on a more permanent footing in other arenas, how will this affect our broader communities and architecture on an urban scale?”

In the future, could our offices be Hid-dens in the corners of our living rooms?

Credit: Sidegiggle

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