This Stunning Pinecone-Shaped Treehouse Is for Sale

published Feb 4, 2019
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One of the cool parts about being an adult is buying the stuff your folks wouldn’t or couldn’t get you as a child. Before you allow those nostalgic desires to fade into sadness and resentment, here’s how you can make up for at least one of the major requests your parents either strategically ignored or flat-out denied: signing on the dotted line for this magnificent pinecone-shaped treehouse, which has been placed up for sale by its designers, O2 Treehouse.

After the lovely Pinecone Treehouse made its mark as one of the most enchanting treehouses on Airbnb where it rents for $350 a night, the homeowners are prepared to hand over the keys to the lucky bidder who wants to permanently settle into a truly unique, nature-inspired arboreal dwelling.

The geodesic pinecone-shaped structure is a combination of California Redwood and steel. Despite weighing in at a hefty 5.5 tons, the Pinecone Treehouse is perched 35 feet above the forest floor and is nearly 60 feet off the ground on the downhill side. A ladder with handrails whisks you up to the glass home, where 360-degree views of the treetops await. Flip-open windows allow a breeze to flow through the single-room space. In the event that you still don’t feel close enough to Mother Nature, the pair of transparent floor panels offer the undeniable sensation of being connected to your surroundings.

Taking the ladder downstairs and traversing the accompanying catwalk bridge leads to the ground level off-the-grid bathroom, which is located inside a miniature structure. Inside, there’s a sink, hot shower, and composting toilet.

O2 Treehouse is asking for at least $150,000 for the charming pinecone-inspired pad, but the final figure could vary depending on installation (since the land it’s currently sitting on now doesn’t come with the sale). Interested buyers should visit the O2 Treehouse website for more information on becoming an owner.