11 of Our Favorite Everyday Glasses

(Image credit: Duralex)

Good design isn’t just for wine glasses and fancy occasions. If you’re looking for beautiful drinking glasses that you can use every day, look no further than these 11 picks.

Simple, with just a little bit of French-bistro flair. Also available in 11.5 cL and 20 cL sizes.

An elegantly minimal design, available in four sizes.

Their unusual faceted design makes these glasses both beautiful and unique. Available in rocks, double old fashioned, and cooler sizes.

Beautiful, and stackable too.

Beautiful, affordable, and virtually unbreakable — a classic.

Sturdy, durable, and multipurpose. You can purchase lids and use them as storage containers, or buy lids with straws to take your drinks on the go.

Available in four different sizes, including a ‘tasting’ glass that’s perfect for whiskey or small pours of wine.

Subtle etched stripes add flair. Available in cooler, double old-fashioned, and juice glasses.

Available in 12 oz, 9 oz, 5 oz, and 2 oz sizes.