These Are the Top Countries Workers Want to Move To, According to a Study

published Oct 12, 2023
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Between the increasing cost of living in countries like America and an urge to travel the globe, remote workers (and even those who tend to work in a traditional office setting) are finding different ways to blend their travels with their full-time jobs. While some remote workers are traveling abroad and simultaneously clocking into their 9-to-5, some employees are looking to relocate entirely to a different city, state, or country.

Researchers at Givetastic, a company that produces digital methods to group gift giving, have analyzed Google’s average search volume for matching term keywords like “jobs” and  “work” for 164 different countries to discover the ideal dream destinations for remote workers.

Out of the 164 countries polled, 56 countries agreed that Canada is the most popular location for those looking to settle in a different country. Over the summer, the country announced a digital nomad visa that allows foreigners to upgrade their work visa to a work permit if they’re employed by a local company. Whether you’re interested in taking the next step to becoming a Canadian citizen or obtaining dual citizenship, the relocation process requires a few tasks before crossing the border.

But if you’re a fan of Canada’s plentiful amount of natural wonders, hockey, and Tim Horton’s, it might be worth the move, especially if you’re working remotely.

In Givetastic’s study, Germany, Qatar, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland also ranked highly as the top-five dream work destinations. 

Along with observing Google’s search volume for countries, Givetastic revealed the top ten cities that were highly searched for emigrated workers. The lavish and luxurious city of Dubai is the first choice with Canadian province Quebec landing in second place. Other cities included Singapore, Moscow, Miami, London, and New York City. Perhaps these cities have an appealing nature of allowing workers to balance a social life while promising the perks of a metropolitan city, such as nightlife, public transportation, and tourism.

Obviously, choosing to move to a different city — let alone an entirely different country — is a big decision that requires funds, research, and time. To do this research, Givetastic used a keywords explorer tool in up to 35 different languages to ensure accurate and highest-performing keywords were returned. If you’re looking to relocate and find the best option for your job industry, this insight from Givetastic might be handy to bookmark.