10 Freestanding Wardrobe and Clothes Racks We Love

updated Dec 13, 2023
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

If you’re living in a space with a teeny-tiny closet (or, even worse, no closet at all), have no fear. A freestanding wardrobe or clothing rack can provide a home for all your things, with no remodeling required. Clothing racks and freestanding wardrobes are efficient, compact, and easy to assemble — and most are pretty affordable, too. Plus, even if you do have a bedroom closet, you can still use these racks in your entryway as a spot for coats and scarves. Below, we’re rounding up the best freestanding wardrobes and clothing racks that will have you embracing the closet-free life.

Why is an open wardrobe rack better than a closed one?

  • They add character. Having no closet space doesn’t have to be a con. In fact, freestanding wardrobes serve double duty as both a storage solution and a home decor accent. Wardrobe racks add a modern, designer feel to any room that traditional armoires just can’t compete with. Go with a wood style to warm up your space or choose a steel design to add an industrial edge.
  • They take up less space. If “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” offers any indication, wardrobes can feel much larger than they actually are. That being said, if you’re short on storage and space, choosing a sleek rack over a bulky armoire is ideal. Many racks come with additional storage options, like shoe stands and hanging organizers, to give you more storage with less room.
  • They’re easier to move. It’s difficult to defend expensive, large home purchases while renting. In this instance especially, wardrobe racks just make sense. Since they’re so lightweight, moving them from one place to another is not a problem, and they can fit in any size room. Plus, if you no longer need it for clothing storage, you can simply repurpose your wardrobe as a coat rack or decor piece.

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A stand-out, low-cost pick, this standard clothes rack from Amazon isn't exactly eye-catching, but it's durable and capable of holding quite a bit. Extend the rail on either side to create more space, or leave it as is to keep it compact. Metal racks can feel very retail, so the black chrome finish on this style is a much-appreciated final touch.

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was $67.99

This gorgeous garment rack has top and bottom shelves that are perfect for holding baskets, bags, and whatever fashion accessories you've acquired. The darker colors make for a calm, neutral vibe — and who doesn't need that when it comes to clothing storage? While it's not a very customizable option, it still holds your wardrobe essentials beautifully.

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Urban Outfitters

This metal clothing rack from Urban Outfitters is just right: roomy, unassuming, modern, and neutral. It can fit in with pretty much any decor style (and in any room) and it's versatile enough to be used even if you do have a closet.

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was $79.99

Love an industrial look? Then you'll want to snag this clothing rack from SONGMICS. Unlike other options on this list, this rack features two separate rods for double the storage space. With its gorgeous, industrial pipe construction and easy-roll wheels, you'll love using this one as a decor piece, too.

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This ultra-compact clothing rack is ideal for entryways and super-small bedrooms. Use it to hang up coats or keep it for overflow from your regular closet. The bottom shelf can hold shoes or storage baskets, while the extra rod space on the sides is perfect for hats, scarves, and bags.

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Urban Outfitters

Squiggle forms are everywhere in design lately, making this trendy clothing rack the perfect pick for anyone who likes to stay ahead of the curve. Playful shape aside, this metal rack is a sturdy and simple pick, best used as an accessory to an existing closet or other means of clothing storage. Looking to make it a bit more functional? Add a few baskets at the base to hold shoes or other accessories.

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If you're already short on space in your bedroom (you don't have a closet, after all), then you may need to take advantage of every inch — which can look like putting an empty corner to good use. This metal clothing rack from Wayfair is designed to seamlessly nestle into the corner of your room so it stays out of the way but still helps corral your most-used items.

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Urban Outfitters

Edgy and sculptural thanks to its asymmetrical design, this garment rack from Urban Outfitters comes complete with a bottom storage shelf and a wheeled base for easy movement. Bonus: The middle bar on this pick makes a great pants rack for easy outfit organization.

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was $67.99

This comprehensive clothing rack from Wayfair is basically as close as you can get to a closet — without actually having one. The durable wide bar holds a wide array of items (including heavier picks, like winter coats), while two durable shelves act as a spot to stash shoes, out-of-season accessories, and even workout gear. Best of all, it comes in several stylish shades, from traditional black and white to playful pink.

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was $24.99

If budget is your main concern, you can't beat the price of this wheeled clothing rack from IKEA. You get a lot of versatility for your buck — the bottom rack is perfect for shoes, and IKEA also sells a variety of hanging solutions and containers to customize this sleek and simple option.