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updated Apr 30, 2019
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What makes a space one where you want to create? Does color have something to do with it? Does art play a role? Everything—from the furniture to the colors used to the accessories—has to blend together to create just the right mix when a space needs to be a work space. Laurel & Wolf reached out to us to share the office of BLND PR, designed by Luca Pepitone. It’s a flirty, casual space that strikes just the right balance of energizing and calming. Read about the space from both BLND PR’s CEO Bryanne Lawless and Luca.

About the project: “When the agency was started a few years ago, the founder was a bit younger and loved the “PINK vibes!” The office was extremely girly and so now they wanted to show their growth in the new office design, with the goal of having a more sophisticated look while also incorporating fresh greens and pops of blush pink.”

Who else works in here: It’s usually a full house in our office with our team, our interns and our office pup/creative director Benzo.

Location: Hermosa Beach, California

Size: About 500 square feet

Years worked in: 3 months

BLND PR’s CEO Bryanne Lawless:

Describe the office’s style in 4 words or less:

Modern, bright & chic

How does this space function for your business?

This space functions as our main office for all business happenings, usually there are around 10 of us (plus a dog) in the office handling everyday client tasks.

How is this space one where creativity can flourish?

For us creativity is often sparked by bouncing ideas off of each other. More often than not we’re working on projects as a team or brainstorming new ideas together, so having an open space for everyone to comfortably work together encourages creativity and fresh ideas.

Is there one thing that every workspace should have?

One thing that every workspace should have is a common space for the team to work together. For us we have a large conference table in the middle of the room where we hold all of our agency and client meetings. By creating an environment for people to work together, it is easier for collaborative and creative work to unfold.

Favorite Element

Our grey love couch with accent pillows, where you can usually find Benzo napping.

Biggest Challenge

Storage Space! We’re constantly receiving client samples and leftover products from events that accumulate in the office. Keeping everything organized and put away properly to keep our space uncluttered is definitely an ongoing challenge we face.

Best advice for anyone looking to add more creativity to their work or home office:

Cut out the clutter. It’s so hard to tap into your creativity or be productive when you’re in a cluttered workspace. Once you’re in a more organized, minimal work environment you’ll find you’ll have more clarity and room for creativity than before.

Designer Luca Pepitone:

What was this office’s design inspiration?

The influence of this modern boutique design derives from our site analysis on the coastal surroundings of Hermosa Beach and from our client’s desire to develop an atmospheric interior that was airy and reflective of their forward-thinking brand.

The office has a very home-y feel to it, was that intentional?

Relaxed Luxury was one of the prominent design philosophies behind this project. Because Bryanne and her team spend a considerable amount of time in their office, our design studio wanted to render the dynamism of a second home that would serve as an office getaway for the PR firm. There really is a psychology to interior design and it was pivotal for our studio to ensure each hand-selected article in the office promotes creativity and that the overall interior enhances the well-being of its dwellers or visitors— as if it were a home you would invite your friends to.

I would like to think that this project serves as an illustration of the beautiful results that can be achieved while working with immeasurable creation and a compact budget. My team shared great synergy with Bryanne while working together on the Laurel & Wolf platform and it comes with boundless gratification to leave the BLND team now ready to practice their “work hard, play hard” perspective in their newly designed boutique office.

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Thanks, BLND PR! Follow them on Instagram. HT to Laurel & Wolf for the lead.

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