Trader Joe’s Has a New Body Cleansing Oil, and We Tried It

published Jan 26, 2020
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Trader Joe’s had us with its seasonal candles, cute houseplants, and irresistible snacks (Rosé potato chips and russet ones? We’ll take both.), but it’s also a secret skin care gold mine.

You can find almost anything you need for a basic face and body skin care routine at Trader Joe’s: moisturizer with and without SPF, rose water spray, tea tree pads, body scrub, seasonally scented body butters, even toothpaste… And they’re solid, at least enough to save you a trip to the drug store, if not Sephora. Believe me, I’ve tried almost every single one.

If you, too, love Trader Joe’s skin care products, there’s a new one on the shelves ready for you to try it. On subreddit r/traderjoes, user michellfeif pointed out a new cleansing oil for body. “If any of you love the L’Occitane Shower Oil, it appears TJ’s has released their own version! Saw on Instagram and had to share,” they wrote, along with a screenshot from Instagram account traderjoesaficionado.

Not many of those who commented in the thread had tried the product, but here’s what those who did had to say:

“Got it, tried it, l Iove it..” wrote ecoast80.

“used it last night smells sooo good” said shibz307.

“I’m in the same boat as many of you and made a special trip to TJs for this – gotta say, I tried it twice in the shower as a body wash – love the scent, the concept, all that – but the execution was missing. ☹️

I’m going to keep it in the shower as a shave oil – that sounds like a great suggestion! I just feel like I need soapy-suds to feel clean and this doesn’t give you any of that lather goodness. YMMV!” added rml24601.

I also tried the new Trader Joe’s Shower & Bath Cleansing Oil, and while I can’t comment on the L’Occitane comparison (I’m on more of a Trader Joe’s budget), I can report that it does smell convincingly like a L’Occitane product, with a mild and very pleasant almond scent. It comes out of the bottle like an oil but lathers to feel more like a typical body wash. It’s gentle on the skin and makes me feel almost as moisturized out of the shower as a lotion would. 

My only complaint is that for the price ($6.99 for the six-ounce bottle at my Los Angeles Trader Joe’s), it doesn’t go a long way. Like Redditor rml24601, I prefer it as a shave gel, but I don’t know if I’ll buy it again. Still, I love seeing Trader Joe’s extend its skin care line. Apparently, it’s begun rolling out an eye cream too. One more for our grocery lists.