This Stunning $7 Trader Joe’s Plant Find Is Finally Back, Just in Time for Summer

published Jun 4, 2024
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Credit: Andriy Blokhin/Shutterstock

Do you like expanding your palate as much as you like expanding your houseplant collection? If so, then Trader Joe’s has a new offering that will do both for you at the same time. Trader Joe’s recently added a dragon fruit cactus (hylocereus undatus) to its plant section, and yes, it actually grows real, edible dragon fruit!

The dragon fruit cactus from Living House is sold at Trader Joe’s and is a small potted cactus with needles that are actually soft to the touch, making it a safe plant for pets and kids to be around. It’s super low maintenance — making it the perfect plant for your office — and only requires watering when its soil is just moist, not soaking. It likes more water than other cacti, but air on the side of the soil being too dry rather than too wet when it comes to your watering schedule. 

It also likes bright indirect light, so place it close to a window but not so close that it will get burned.

The Trader Joe’s location in Forest Hills, New York, was one of the first to share the news of the cacti back on shelves in stores, and a Trader Joe’s employee told me the plant is selling for $6.99.

According to Living House, the dragon fruit cactus will produce yellow and white blooms as well as edible dragon fruit, but this may take years. To help your plant reach the blooming stage, repot your dragon fruit cactus annually in a well-draining pot with potting mix that provides ample drainage.

In their natural Central and South American habitat, Living House says, this cactus variety can grow up to 13 feet tall and produce tons of those heavenly dragon fruits you know and love. You may have to repot your plant several times before it’s large enough to grow fruit, but it’s definitely worth a shot. Plus, the buds of the blossoms can even be picked and prepared as a vegetable.

A Reddit thread from two years ago shows that this isn’t the first time Trader Joe’s has sold a dragon fruit cactus. At the time, in in 2022, the plant was on sale for $7.99.

Head to Trader Joe’s to pick up a dragon fruit cactus to add to your collection and try your best to be patient — your hard work will (eventually) pay off!