Shoppers Are Loving this Adorable Trader Joe’s Plant Find (It’s Just $13!)

published May 17, 2024
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Part of the fun of being a plant parent is styling your houseplants. With the right placement, your plants can make your home look prettier and they can enjoy all of the space and light that they need to thrive. If you’re interested in green-thumb decorating, Trader Joe’s has a new product to help you get started: framed succulent gardens, which you can pick up for only $12.99 apiece.

In a recent post, Instagram user @poppynchip called out this unconventional decor piece while rounding up new additions to the popular grocery chain’s plant section. The succulent frames in their video come in a white frame with faded gray borders and feature multiple succulent varieties, including one with flowering orange and yellow blossoms. I’ve never thought to frame my plants before, but with succulents this cute, I can’t believe it never occurred to me.

If you’re planning on picking up one of these frame planters, I’d definitely recommend getting to your local store ASAP so you have as many plant and color options as possible. While you’re at it, see if TJ’s still has some of its other amazing recent plant finds, including pink princess philodendrons and mini plants.

Although succulents are famously low-maintenance — some even say that they “thrive on neglect” — they still have a set of needs that are worth taking into account. You want to make sure that you place your succulents in an area that gets bright, indirect sunlight. If they appear to get “leggy” and grow towards sunlight, invest in a grow light to keep them healthy or move them closer to the window. Succulents should not be watered unless their soil is dry.

Whether you’re looking for new plants or want to add an unconventional touch to your gallery wall, pick up one of these eye-catching framed succulent gardens at Trader Joe’s the next time you’re grocery shopping.