Grab Trader Joe’s $3 Mystery Bags Before They Sell Out

published Nov 30, 2023
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The Woodlands, Texas / USA - July 15th, 2020: Many retail stores continue to struggle during Covid-19 pandemic. Trader Joe’s
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The whereabouts of ever-popular Trader Joe’s mystery bags are a mystery no more! In celebration of the upcoming holidays, the grocery store finally brought back its beloved mystery bags, much to the delight of customers everywhere. A post from Instagram account @traderjoesgeek confirmed the rare find’s return after a hiatus during the pandemic. It shows photos of a paper bag with the portrait of a man and a question mark above his head.

“No Peeking!” a label on the back of the packaging reads.

What are mystery bags, exactly? Well, we can’t tell you, or else it wouldn’t be a mystery. All kidding aside, each pack contains three reusable bags with designs featuring the places and cultures of American states. For instance, in the following video from @traderjoesobsessed, there are colorful bags based on Michigan, Minnesota, and Missouri.

It’s easy to see why the mystery packs are so popular. There’s the thrill factor; the anticipation of not knowing what you’ll get, like opening a Pokemon booster pack. Then there are the designs, all of which are lovely, no matter the U.S. state you get. And they make great holiday gifts too. If you have duplicates, you can trade with friends and coworkers right after opening your respective packs.

And the cost to enjoy a bit of mystery? Only $3 per pack!

“I did this for the first time today! I bought two …  [the TJ’s cashier and I] each opened a package. It was oddly exceedingly fun and enjoyable to do together!” a commenter said. “We got two New Hampshires, one each of Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, and New Jersey. The people at the next till were even chatting about what we got!”

Another comment reads: “100% going to buy!! I have been waiting for these to come back as they haven’t in the years past.”

On Reddit, customers we’re also talking about their mystery bags. “I’m so excited! I got bags from places I’ve never been (Indiana and Idaho) and one I haven’t visited in ages (Atlanta)!”

As always, it’s best to hurry to Trader Joe’s while supplies last. “One person came into my local store and bought the entire stock of mystery bags,” said an employee. “Left none for the rest of us.”

It looks like the holiday rush has already arrived at TJ’s. Good luck!