Trader Joe’s “So Cute” $13 Garden Find Will Fly Off Shelves (You’ll Want 2!)

published Mar 26, 2024
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Trader Joe's Retail Strip Mall Location. Trader Joe's is a chain of specialty grocery stores in the U.S. II
Credit: Jonathan Weiss/ Shutterstock

If you have a plant-lover in your life, then it’s definitely time to hit up Trader Joe’s. The beloved grocery store is selling $13 succulent baskets that any proud plant parent would love to receive.

“The cutest spring succulent baskets for $12.99, just in time for Easter!” the creator behind the Trader Joe’s plants Instagram account wrote in a recent caption. “SO CUTE!!” one person commented on the post, and that is truly an understatement.

The basket, which is made completely out of woven spring flowers, comes with a burlap liner filled to the brim with a variety of beautiful succulents. Each basket looks like it has a different selection of succulents, so you can pick and choose which one you like the look of.

To take care of this basket of succulents, you can keep everything right in the basket, watering occasionally when the soil is completely dry all the way through, or you can break apart the grouping and give each succulent its own home (or give them away as gifts!). Just make sure you repot your plants into pots that have adequate drainage, or else your plants will be susceptible to root rot and overwatering.

Give your succulent basket plenty of sun — you can even place it outside in the warmer months — to prevent it from getting leggy. The basket may break down over time because it is made with grasses and flowers, so you might want to grab a backup planter to repot your plants at the end of the summer season before you bring the collection back inside or give it a more permanent spot in your home.

Who needs candy-filled Easter baskets when you can gift a basket full of succulents instead? Grab one of these baskets while they’re available at Trader Joe’s for just $13 each.