Trader Joe’s “Twirling Teacup” Plants Are Extremely Cute and Only $6

updated Apr 30, 2021
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

If you’re one of those houseplant parents who subscribes to the idea that pots should be just as cute as the plants that come in them, then you’re going to love the new selection of potted plants at Trader Joe’s. The grocery store is now selling “Twirling Teacup” plants in beautiful mini mugs that are so good you’ll want to collect all three colors.

Instagram user @TraderJoesNew posted a series of photos on April 17 taken at a Trader Joe’s store in Sacramento, California showing off the Twirling Teacups display. Each teacup pot contains a different plant (all of which are seemingly easy-to-care-for tropical varieties—the directions provided on the signage simply say “water when soil is dry”) and each Twirling Teacup is being sold for just $5.99.

Judging by the handful of photos that have surfaced of the Twirling Teacups, the potted plants have rolled out in several Trader Joe’s locations in California. Instagram user @FlowerChild_TraderJoes spotted the Twirling Teacups in Millbrae, California on April 17. And @TraderJoes_Flowers commented on @TraderJoesNew’s post saying that their local TJ’s in San Francisco was also carrying them.

It’s unclear if the Twirling Teacups will be stocked in Trader Joe’s locations nationwide or just be limited to the West Coast. But either way, it’s definitely worth investigating.

The Twirling Teacups are available in three different spring colors—white, green, and purple—and each teacup features a scalloped lip that makes it look homemade. How whimsical and fun would be to have one of these included in the centerpiece for a spring tea party?

Head over to your neighborhood Trader Joe’s to see if the Twirling Teacups are in stock, and if they are, try with all your might to not buy the entire selection.