This Smart TikTok Hack (And the Comments!) Will Leave Your Kitchen Trash Smelling So Fresh

published Feb 11, 2022
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A modern rustic kitchen with an island and stainless steel trash can
Credit: Joe Lingeman

Your kitchen trash probably isn’t something you think about until it gets to that point just before trash day when it’s hard to ignore. And if you have a leaky trash bag unbeknownst to you, that smell is going to stick around long after you get rid of the stinky garbage. 

But there’s an easy way to keep gross odors at bay, according to one TikToker (@the_spin_cycle). And all you need is a gel toilet bowl cleaner.

@the_spin_cycle uses the Lysol Click gel toilet bowl cleaner that comes with six applicators. And because you’re not using them in your toilet bowl, those six applicators could last you up to a year. 

You simply click the gel air freshener on the inside of your trash can before replacing the bag, and your garbage can will smell like flowery goodness rather than last weekend’s rotten salad.

But the trash tips don’t stop there. In the comments section of @the_spin_cycle’s TikTok video, fellow TikTokers shared their own go-to hacks to make their kitchen trash smell super fresh.

“I use scented kitty litter at the bottom of my trash bag [that] absorbs any liquid and smells great,” one person commented. Or, for those who don’t necessarily want a scented product, another commenter wrote, “I use baking soda at the bottom of my trash can and when something leaks through you just pour vinegar on top of it, swish it around, pour it out and add more.” These are both great ideas if your trash bags have failed you one too many times.

Another TikToker said that they put a car air freshener at the bottom of their trash can. “Smells great and lasts forever,” they wrote. And someone else commented “I use [laundry] scent boosters in the bottom of the can!”

You probably never thought you’d learn so much from a trash-themed TikTok, but this is truly a forum that keeps on giving.