This Smart Storage Hack for Travel Mugs Is Already Hiding in Your Closet

published Oct 10, 2023
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Credit: Valeriia Sviridova / EyeEm / Getty Images

Few things are as annoying as opening up a kitchen cabinet and facing a near attack to the face caused by an onslaught of tumblers and travel mugs in a state of disarray. Collecting reusable mugs and cups is fun (and more environmentally conscious than drinking from single-use plastic bottles), but keeping them corralled and orderly is a task that evades even the most organized of us out there.

One TikToker has figured out the perfect solution, and it’s a household storage solution you probably already have in your closets. TikTok user Kymie Ann (@kymieann) recently shared that she keeps her family’s cup collection in check by using an over-the-door hanging shoe organizer ($10) to store the cups, stashing each one in a spot meant for a pair of shoes, which makes them easy to find and grab without using up precious cabinet space.

Kymie Ann responded to a commenter who asked about her hanging shoe organizer, which is filled with cups and sits without fanfare on her pantry door. Of course, you could use yours anywhere in the kitchen or dining area that allows for some extra storage, and you’ll love getting back the extra space in your cabinets and drawers.

She loves these organizers so much, she has three in her home. Aside from the one for tumblers and travel mugs, she uses one in her bedroom and bathroom to keep her and her daughters’ essentials organized and easily visible.

“It’s such a space saver and holds so much,” she says, noting that they’ve been particularly helpful since she has “so much stuff in such a little space.”

“They’re sturdy and durable and hold so much weight,” she adds. And that’s without mentioning the eliminated risk of having an eye poked out when a tumbler in a packed cabinet falls out upon being opened. It’s the little things in life, no?

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