I Turned $15 Tile from Home Depot into Chic Coasters with a 2-Step DIY

published Jun 1, 2023
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Tile samples in a building supply store
Credit: Gagarin Iurii/Shutterstock

When it comes to home decor, the hardware store is a treasure trove — and not just for the items you can get off-the-shelf. Open yourself up to hacks, and the opportunities for creating custom decor are nearly endless.

Here’s one great example of a smart decor hack that uses something you’re likely to find at almost any hardware store: tile. Creator Stephanie Macedo (@stephgmacedo) used a sheet of travertine tile to create chic coasters in a DIY that’s basically just two steps.

Stephanie bought just one sheet of tile (about $15) and used plastic cabinet bumpers on the back to ensure no scratching. And… that’s it! At the end, she has chic stone coasters that go with a range of home decor styles from mid-century brutalist to cottage to coastal and so much more.

I saw this DIY not necessarily as a way to get the look for less, although the DIY version is a tiny bit cheaper than buying new (you can find similar travertine coaster sets online for about $4 more than the sheet of tile). But this is a great way to take advantage of leftover materials, or even tile you find on clearance or that has been damaged. Since you don’t need the entire sheet, this gives you a lot of flexibility.

So of course, given all that, I had to try it and report back — and I’m here to say this really is the easiest DIY you will ever do. It’s also extremely practical, since you’re creating something you can actually use. Plus, any leftover tiles you have can go toward another project (I’m using mine to make plant markers!).

You really don’t need anything other than the sheet of tiles and some self-adhesive bumper pads for the backs. Stephanie uses a utility knife and scissors, but I found that I didn’t need either of those if I just peeled the tiles straight off of the backing (though it won’t hurt to have them just in case).

To get started, hold the tile sheet down with one hand, grab the inner corner of one of the square tiles with the other, and pry the square tile back and away from the mesh. It should peel off with a bit of effort. If it doesn’t, you can always cut it down the grout line, but you shouldn’t have to.

Continue this step until all four of the square tiles have been removed from the mesh backing. If there is any adhesive stuck on the tile, you can scrape it away with your utility knife. I found that mine came up cleanly and didn’t require any extra fussing.

Stick one plastic tab on each of the four corners of the back of the tile pieces. These will protect your tables from scratches caused by the rough stone. If you have felt pads on hand you could try those, too, but I suspect that the fibers will catch on the stone.

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Once the pads are on, you’re done. Really! You’ve just completed the easiest, chicest DIY you’ll ever attempt. Aside from that, you’ll find that these coasters are just as functional as anything you’d buy, since the stone sucks up any condensation from your glass and prevents it from hitting the table below.

This DIY is endlessly giftable, too, since it goes with so many home decor styles. It’s a great idea to have in your back pocket for housewarming or hostess gifts when you just don’t know what to bring. The added element of it being a handmade gift makes it even better!

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