4 Trends You’re Going to See in Every Real Estate Listing Photo This Year

published Apr 5, 2023
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Living room with sage/olive colored walls, gallery wall, black credenza, 2 peach armchairs with throw pillows, gray patterned rug, gray wardrobe/cabinet, patterned floor to ceiling curtains, sofa with patterned throw pillows, glass and gold oval coffee table
Credit: Erin Derby

Do you remember the olden days (read: two years ago) when waterfall countertops, grandmillenial style, and chic wood paneling were all the rage in homes? Well, you might be seeing less of those things during your Zillow scrolling sessions. Today’s trends, which you’ll notice in listing photos across the internet, are more about pops of color, modern pieces with shades of vintage, and tech enhancements that make a home stand out. These are all the things you can expect to see hitting listing photos for home sales this year, according to the pros.

A Few Very Specific Paint Colors

The colors you’ve often seen as accent walls are going to show big in listing photos this year, as buyers look for expanded palettes beyond the standard beige, greige, or white walls.

“This year’s listing trends are paint colors like dark green, navy blue, and muted earth tones,” says Matt Bigach, real estate expert and founder of We Buy Houses For Cash.

But don’t expect an onslaught of color that’ll be polarizing for buyers. The look will remain sleek and neutral.

“The overall look of the listing photos will be much more polished and professional,” says Scott Rubzin, founder of Tiffany Property Investments.

Curving Sofas and Velvet Pieces

Furniture in this year’s listing photos will take a combination approach, juxtaposing sofas with vintage flair, for example, with more modern pieces that make a home stand out.

“Furniture pieces like curving sofas, velvet chairs, and mid-century modern pieces [will be] spotted in many homes,” Bigach says.

Rubzin agrees, noting that we’ll see “more contemporary furniture and decor” in functional and efficient layouts.

Smart Appliances and Features

Have you ever tried out a voice-activated faucet? Well, in this year’s listing photos (and on home tours), you will. They’re a trend that’s hitting more and more houses on the market for 2023, Bigach says. He also notes that automated lighting and climate-control and smart appliances will be big this year.

Of course, those aren’t the only home features getting an update for this year’s listings. You should also watch for natural wood accents, bright white kitchen cabinets, and modern tile backsplashes.

Solar Panels and Other Sustainable Additions

Listing photos this year will show proof that the previous homeowners had an eye for sustainability — something Rubzin says is a trend right now.

“This could manifest in a number of different ways, such as homes being listed with energy-efficient appliances or features, or with a solar panel system,” he says. “Whatever the case may be, buyers will be looking for homes that are more environmentally friendly, and listing photos that reflect this will be sure to stand out.”

To that end, you’ll also likely see a lot of plants and greenery in this year’s photos. Bigach says it’s the best way to make a home stand out.