Here Are the Winners of Apartment Therapy’s First-Ever TV Superlatives

updated Sep 27, 2019
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Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video; Chuck Hodes / ©Fox / Courtesy Everett Collection; Melissa Moseley/Netflix

Welcome to Watch Week! In honor of fall TV season and the newly minted Emmy winners, we’re streaming new content daily about watching television—because after all, watching TV is one of the best parts about being at home. Catch up on all of our episodes articles here.

It’s fall! The leaves are changing color, people are guzzling all things pumpkin-spiced, and most important of all: Fall TV has arrived. Sure, we watch our favorite shows for the drama and the laughs, but we’d be lying if we didn’t admit much of our TV time is devoted to ogling the living spaces of our favorite television characters. I mean, we’re only humans obsessed with design—of course we’re thinking about which fictional couch we’d like to snuggle up on and which TV character’s art collection we’d like to steal, should we be into that sort of thing.

Credit: Design: Zoe Burnett for Apartment Therapy; Photo courtesy of: Dayna Isom Johnson, Kelly Connolly, Alyse Whitney, Chelsea Nassib, The Home Edit, Hilton Carter, Jonathan Adler, Orlando Soria

But with so much gorgeous production design out there, how do we pick the best of it? We ask the experts, that’s how. We reached out to designers, writers, and influencers to let us know what they’re watching and to award some TV Superlatives to the best and most memorable spaces they’ve seen on current television shows. Scroll below to see the winners, and let us know in the comments which current TV series would have your vote! 

Credit: Design: Zoe Burnett; Photo: Melissa Moseley/Netflix

Best Kitchen: “Grace & Frankie”

“The beach house kitchen on ‘Grace & Frankie’ mixes the aspirational Nancy Meyers vibes (Grace) with the kooky, messy reality of what a kitchen actually looks like when it’s used (Frankie), and it’s perfect to me. The deep blue-teal cabinetry, the massive butcher block island, and double oven are all things I could only dream of in my NYC studio. I particularly love the rustic circular kitchen table that has become a communal gathering spot for everything from tense breakfasts to packaging vibrators to empowered ripping off of eyelashes to show the ‘real’ Grace.” Alyse Whitney, Senior Food Editor, Rachael Ray Every Day

Credit: Design: Zoe Burnett; Photo: Nick Wall / ©BBCAmerica / Courtesy Everett Collection

Dreamiest Bedroom: “Killing Eve”

“It’s a shame TV’s most fashionable assassin, ‘Killing Eve”s Villanelle (Jodie Comer), has a job that takes her so far from home. Her shabby-chic Parisian apartment would be a hard one to ever leave. With its airy windows, spacious floor plan, and a wardrobe crammed full of an outfit for every mood, Villanelle’s bedroom is a young woman’s European dream—and the decor is just understated enough to let the architecture (and the view) take center stage. Her neighbors don’t tend to stay alive for long, but a location this good might be worth the risk.” Kelly Connolly, Editor, TV Guide

Credit: Design: Zoe Burnett; Photo: Melissa Moseley/Netflix

Cuddliest Couch: “Grace & Frankie”

“I have to say this one goes to the beach house shared by the title characters on ‘Grace & Frankie’. While I love coastal vibes, their house isn’t particularly my style. However, that white roll arm slipcovered sofa looks super comfy. Jane Fonda really sells it. It’s one of those things a designer probably would never want in their own home (or in any client’s home) but would secretly love to snuggle up in when no one is looking.” —Orlando Soria, Interior Designer and Founder, Hommemaker

Most Coveted Closet: “Schitt’s Creek”

Credit: Design: Zoe Burnett; Photo: Courtesy of Pop

“Moira Rose is the fashion icon of the era and that’s just fact. We’d share the same motel room for a year straight if it meant the opportunity to sort every wig, avant-garde ensemble, and broach by color.” —Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, Co-founders of The Home Edit 

[Editor’s note: Anyone who watches “Schitt’s Creek” knows that technically, Moira doesn’t have a closet, but she deserves a win (and she has the best clothes to put in a closet, regardless).]

Credit: Design: Zoe Burnett; Photo: Chuck Hodes / ©Fox / Courtesy Everett Collection

Biggest Art Aficionado: “Empire”

“Currently the collection of Lucious Lyon on the hip-hop drama Empire is definitely the most enviable. He’s covered his home and office in works by Mickalene Thomas, Basquiat, Kehinde Wiley and Jamea Richmond Edwards, alongside classic works by Monet and Van Gogh. It’s a surprisingly good reference for what’s happening in the current art scene. We’d like to think Cookie curated most of it.”—Chelsea Nassib, Co-founder, Tappan Collective 

Credit: Design: Zoe Burnett; Photo: George Kraychyk

Most Plant-Filled: “The Handmaid’s Tale”

“My pick is the home of The Waterfords on Hulu’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. Their kitchen/dining room and greenhouse are lush, dark and dripping with texture. It’s basically everything I’d ever want from my own indoor jungle. What I love about these rooms is how many windows they have but the space still finds a way to remain dark and gorgeous.” Hilton Carter, Plant Stylist

Credit: Design: Zoe Burnett; Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Best Outdoor Space: “Dead to Me”

“Jen’s (Christina Applegate) backyard in ‘Dead to Me’ gives me all the comfy-cozy feels. I love entertaining and could totally picture myself hosting backyard parties and curling up by the pool with a blanket and a glass of wine at the end of the day.” Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy Trend Expert

Credit: Design: Zoe Burnett; Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video

Most Nostalgic: “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”

“While I don’t fully understand how Midge Maisel’s 1950s college professor dad can afford such a huge staff and the biggest apartment in New York, I love the perfect fantasy of the mid-century that ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ provides. Every detail in the interiors is beautiful and quintessentially fifties and delightfully aspirational.” —Orlando Soria, Interior Designer and Founder, Hommemaker

Credit: Design: Zoe Burnett; Photo: Peter Kramer / ©HBO / Courtesy Everett Collection

Most Modern: “Succession”

“You’re catching me at a good time—and by that I mean right in the midst of my ‘Succession’ binge. I’m all about Modern American Glamour and there is no show on television right now that is more modern, American, or glamorous than Succession. The rooms on that show are epic—I don’t always love it all but I can’t deny every room oozes lavish, mega, beyond, in-your-face glamour.” Jonathan Adler, Potter and Designer