Someone Asked Twitter for Terrible Home Design Photos, and Boy, Did They Come Through

published Aug 14, 2019
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If you think your 250-square-foot apartment is a nightmare, get ready to have your mind blown. Copywriter Sarah Schauer asked Twitter users to “reply with the worst architecture/design picture you have.” It’s safe to say that social media users were up to the challenge. Schauer’s original tweet, which was retweeted over 44,000 times and racked up nearly 170,000 likes at time of writing, brought out a bevy of horrifically hilarious design faux pas that’ll have you glad your studio apartment doesn’t have a toilet in the kitchen. Here, some of my favorites:

“Love a toilet slide,” replied one user, next to a photo of a toilet that’s fused into the sink next to it.

Another user replied with a photo of a playscape placed on top of a building, its slide going over to ledge as if it’s set to deposit eager riders into a free fall to the ground.

Really emphasizing the “don’t s— where you eat,” theory, another person tweeted a photo of a cramped kitchen with sharp corner stairwell that leads up to an elevated toilet.

Another lovely kitchen/bath fusion: This seemingly normal kitchen quickly descends into madness when your eyes veer over and you realize there’s a large bathtub just sitting next to the microwave.

Perhaps one of the oddest inclusions in the thread is this bathtub that looks kind of a like a canopy bed. Held up with four wooden pillars, its carpeted on all sides and even has a heating radiator spanning one whole side. 

The same user included this nightmare photo of a toilet located at the very end of a long corridor, ensuring that if someone walks in on you you can’t hop up and hold the door shut. (We have all been in one of these situations.)

“I’ve never felt so threatened by a toilet,” one user replied.

Want to wash some dishes? Just open up the doors to this armoire, because the sink is inside it. Bonus points for the extra hardy drying rack. 

For the person who likes to pee with an audience, this toilet faces out to a large room, where four rows of rolling chairs have strategically been placed to face it.

Some inclusions in the thread were subtle nightmares, like this kitchen drawer that can’t be fully opened because it’s blocked by the handle of the drawer next to it. 

At least whoever lives here won’t get lost on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. 

A nightmare of seafoam green wall-to-wall carpeting, this living room features steps up to the bed, a bathtub in the corner with beaded drapes, and what looks like a four-paneled mirror on the ceiling.

And of course, one person just replied with photos of Charlie’s filthy apartment on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

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