If Your Dog Destroys This Toy, It’s OK! There’s a Second Toy Inside

published Dec 1, 2019
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Credit: PetSmart

If your dog loves chew toys, we’re going to venture a guess that they also love destroying chew toys. That’s why double-layered chew toys are so brilliant. PetSmart recently released a line of toys called the OMG Surprise collection. Each soft toy has a surprise second toy inside, which your dog will find once it’s done destroying the outer toy. Surprise! You don’t have to go buy a new dog toy yet.

Just as cute as the concept is the pairing of each double toy. The beaver has a log inside, the unicorn a rainbow, the panda a piece of bamboo.

The pigeon brilliantly has a whole donut inside its body because microplastics would be too sad. 

There’s some inconsistency here regarding whether the inner toy is a food the outer animal eats (a mouse a cheese, a frog and a fly) or a food product made from the outer animal (a pig and bacon, a cow and milk).

But your dog won’t be over thinking this when it discovers a mini squeaky toy inside its demolished plush.

Each of the two-in-one toys in the OMG Surprise collection cost $9.99. Both toys in the set are soft, and the smaller, inner toy contains a squeaker.

Find the whole line of toys here or at your local PetSmart.