The Innovative TikTok Gadget That Makes Cleaning the Inside and Outside of Windows a Breeze

published Mar 27, 2023
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Did you know that up through the 1960s, professional window washers used to affix themselves to the outside of buildings and clean windows one at a time? Although motorized scaffolding platforms were becoming more common, some old-school pros would stand on window ledges and wear two straps, each connected to a different hook on the building’s exterior. If one strap broke, at least they had a backup. (Yikes!)

Thankfully, keeping your windows clean — on the inside and outside — has become much safer and easier. Newer home windows can rotate inward so you can wash the external side while standing indoors, but if yours don’t do this, you need some help. One tool that’s perfect for the job has captivated people on TikTok, and it lets you clean both sides of any window at the same time. It works its magic with a pair of magnets, two microfiber cloths, and a little ingenuity.

This brilliant invention consists of two magnetic squeegees that sort of hug your window from both sides. That means whatever area you’re cleaning indoors also gets cleaned outdoors. To set it up, just spray your favorite window cleaning solution on the interior and exterior of any window, place the squeegees on both sides, and grab the indoor one to start wiping horizontally. For added safety, wear the ring that’s tied to the outdoor squeegee via a long piece of string (or secure the string by shutting the window). That way, you’re not at risk of dropping the piece when you’re adding it to or removing it from your window.

The package also includes two microfiber cloths that you can attach on each squeegee to dry your windows without leaving streaks. This cleaning gadget works on most windows in houses and apartment buildings, although it’s not ideal if your window frames have grids that prevent the squeegees from moving freely. If you can’t reach both ends of your windows to spray them with cleaning solution on the outside, don’t worry. Just add a little extra on the area you can reach and the squeegee will carry the solution with it as you clean.

On TikTok, people have been flocking to this kind of device as a smart solution to their dirty window woes. “I live on the 10th floor and I’m afraid of heights. I think it’s time we get this,” one person shared. Another chimed in, “I have giant windows I can’t reach on the other side so this is about to get bought.” At the same time, some just wished they had discovered it sooner — as one commenter wrote: “Where was this for the 8 years I lived in my loft 😂😭.”

Credit: Amazon

For those who bought this on Amazon, they’ve been largely happy with their purchases. One person shared that this has been a game-changer for dealing with residue that seasonal storms leave on their windows. “My biggest worry was getting the spray cleaner to ‘generously cover’ the outside windows,” they wrote. “The cleaner distributed the cleaner and did a nice job removing the salty debris left and dried on the windows after our tropical storms here in central Florida.” So if you’re ready to get your windows sparkly clean for spring (and keep them that way all year long), this ingenious tool is here to help.

Buy: Tyroler Magnetic Window Cleaner, $43.98 (normally $50)