These TikTokers Built an Adorable Under-Stairs Bedroom for Their Dog

published Jul 12, 2023
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Showing the furry members of your family the same love they always show you is generally pretty simple, but one couple is giving their beloved pup the royal treatment. The U.K.-based couple behind @sheldontheretriever have been documenting life with Sheldon, their new golden retriever puppy, and they decided to turn Sheldon’s crate space into an actual doggy bedroom.

Sheldon’s crate is currently nestled in a nook under the stairs, so his pet parents are getting crafty with the space, transforming it into his own private digs. They began the project by custom-making a wood gate to fit the small closet opening. They then created by hand a painted wood plaque that reads “Sheldon’s Room” in a “friendly” shade of sage green since he’s “such a good boy,” using acrylic paints to get the perfect green for their pooch.

In a follow-up video, the self-described “absolute amateurs” gave a bit more detail about the carpentry process behind making their own doggy gate, adding a reinforcement to protect it against Sheldon’s excited paws, and painting it a pretty light green hue to contrast with the sage green wood plaque. They then installed the gate, placing hinges at the corner while Sheldon stood by closely to supervise.

The couple’s next task will be tackling flooring for Sheldon’s bedroom, and fans and followers are eagerly awaiting the next video to see the progress of his new kingdom. They’re also pet parents to Bobby, their first dog, but don’t worry. Sheldon isn’t getting any special treatment as the younger sibling, as the couple noted, “The whole house is Bobby’s room.”

Here’s hoping the rest of the unique DIY project runs smoothly and that Sheldon (and Bobby!) love the cozy new bedroom. Only the best for the goodest good boys and girls; they surely deserve it.