11 Under-the-Radar Shopping Resources for Spoiling Your Pet on Every Budget

published May 24, 2022
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If you’re anything like I am, pet parenthood is a job you take very seriously, believing (ahem, knowing) that your fur baby deserves the best of the best, from high-quality food and in-depth vet care to chic, functional accessories. Spoiling your pet can be one of the most satisfying ways to spend your hard-earned cash, whether you do so once a year on their birthday or every month just because. 

Still, no one wants to break the bank on something Fido is going to chew apart in under an hour, which is why investing in pet gear is all about striking a balance between quality, staple items that will last (think: beds, leashes, and tech galore) and fun, frivolous, less-of-an-investment pieces (like goofy accessories or the toy of the moment). Below, you’ll find 11 favorite under-the-radar places to shop for pet gear and accessories, no matter your budget or which furry creature you call your own. 

1. Fable Pets

Fable is all about making life easier so you can focus on enjoying time with your faithful companion. They offer a collection of high-quality accessories and gear meant to streamline daily life with your pup, like their waterproof signature leash and classic leather carrier for the littlest creatures. 

2. The Foggy Doggy

Designed and made in the U.S., The Foggy Doggy is a one-stop-shop for cute pet accessories that will look extra good on the ’gram. Crafted with the colorful pet parent in mind, their offerings are playful and full of fun, from matching bandanas and scrunchies for you and your pet to sophisticated beds that double as decor and will have your furry friend snoozing in style. 

3. REI

Adventure gear — for pets? It exists, and it’s just about as awesome as you’d expect. If you’re an avid outdoor enthusiast, REI is probably already on your radar for yourself. But did you know they have a robust pet selection as well? Within it, you’ll find just about everything you need to hit up Mother Nature with your furry sidekick, from a dog medical kit and LED safety necklace to a lifejacket for pups that are water-bound. 

4. Roverlund

If traveling is a core personality trait, chances are you want your pet to be just as up for a last-minute trip as you are. Enter: Roverlund, a stylish pet parent’s answer to traveling with your fur baby in tow. Their versatile carrier for small- to medium-size pets wins rave reviews from dog and cat parents (and even a few bunny owners!) for its durability and versatility. But the brand is no one-trick pony — they also offer other travel-themed items, like portable food containers and a durable walking bundle.  

5. Funny Fuzzy

For a curated yet robust selection of pet accessories and gear, look no further than Funny Fuzzy. The site hits on every part of the pet care process — from walks to playing to training — all with a signature cheeky style and relatively modest price point. Some favorites? This cozy AF-looking bed and these puppy-friendly bath bombs that are sure to make the next rinse a bit more bearable. 

6. Chewy

Chances are, Chewy is already on your radar for pet care, but we had to include it on this list because it’s just so darn comprehensive. No matter what type of pet you have, Chewy provides a selection of pro-approved products to help you care for them, with site sections dedicated to farm animals, fish, reptiles, birds, and more. You can order foods and meds, plus shop for the fun stuff, like toys to bond with your cute new kitten or a spring-worthy raincoat that will have your Frenchie looking fly. 

7. Fi

Love to streamline your home — and your life — with the latest and greatest tech gear? Now your pup can get in on the action with a smart collar from Fi. Part GPS tracker, part doggy FitBit, Fi’s new Series 2 collar means 24/7 monitoring of your dog’s location and behavioral insights, like their sleep and exercise levels. It even comes with a handy LED light for keeping all eyes on your dog during middle-of-the-night potty breaks. 

8. Found My Animal 

Founded in Brooklyn and billed as “accessories for adopted animals and their people,” Found My Animal has a rich history of supporting animal welfare and rescue organizations through community events and proceeds from sales. If that wasn’t reason enough to love them, their products are seriously stunning, including their founding product, a signature dyed rope leash. They’ve since expanded to other delightful offerings, including beds, tote bags, horse leads, and even some seriously rad puppy pajamas.  

9. Max Bone

Max Bone products burst with a modern vibe that will make Gen Zers go wild. Opt for a hands-free leash for easy jaunts around the park, a shampoo dispensing brush to make baths a breeze, or a sling carrier that lets you baby your little one as much as you like. The brand even sells meal toppers for an extra treat on nights you spring for takeout for yourself. 

10. Pets So Good

With Swedish minimalism at its core, Pets So Good has the market cornered on sleek pet accessories that look so good, you could mistake them for vintage MCM finds. You’ve potentially seen their epic bespoke beds making the rounds on your favorite design influencers’ profiles, but they also have other innovative items, like pedestal food bowls, bath accessories, and more. 

11. Etsy   

Etsy remains a go-to for elevated handmade designs — you can find pretty much anything you need for your pet. Score a new collar, spring for personalized bird cage name tags, or treat your furry friend to a piece of pop art in their likeness — the possibilities are truly endless.