The $30 Organizer That Finally Corralled All My Bedroom Clutter

published Sep 11, 2023
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Colorful artwork hung on bedroom wall in studio apartment with colorful neatly made bed.

Here in New York, most apartments are already small to begin with. But the common areas and storage closets in mine are teeny-tiny, plus they’re stuffed to the brim with items from my roommates and landlord. In other words, they’re a no-go when it comes to stowing some of my own things. As a result, up until a couple of months ago, nearly every surface in my bedroom was occupied by cleaning products, cosmetics, hair accessories, and other miscellaneous items. I was in desperate need of storage solutions that would alleviate the chaos atop my vanity, floor, and dresser. You can imagine how excited I was, then, to receive a couple of rolling cart organizers in the mail, not to mention the Univivi 6-shelf over door hanging organizer from Amazon. It has completely changed the look and feel of my space for the better; I feel like I can actually breathe in there now. The organizer might retail for $30, but its effectiveness is priceless.

What is the Univivi Over Door Hanging Organizer?

This product is a six-shelf, fabric, and mesh over-the-door organizer. Although it’s intended for babies’ nurseries, it doesn’t look childish by any means. In fact, it was the most stylish over-the-door organizer I found during my Amazon search, which is a big reason why I chose it. Another notable quality is that the six shelves don’t protrude outward too much, so the organizer looks quite slim and compact as opposed to bulky. That being said, each shelf holds a lot; I’ve loaded mine mostly with cleaning and laundry products, though that’s not all you’ll find in there. In addition to the shelves, you get three clear pockets up top for smaller items. The organizer is held up by two metal hooks that slide seamlessly over the door, and trust me when I say that they’re totally sturdy.

Credit: Nikol Slatinska

Why I Love the Univivi 6-Shelf Over-Door Hanging Organizer

As I already mentioned, this organizer holds a lot, and it has never wavered. Specifically, I’ve placed big bottles of detergent, a handheld steamer, multiple bath towels, and more inside its shelves. Really, any time I can’t find a spot for something in my room, I stash it in one of the shelves, and my problem is instantly solved. I should note that this product arrived with adhesive stickers, which you can use to attach the organizer to your door. I’m sure the strips work well without causing damage, but I decided to be extra cautious and just not use them. (Renter problems, what can I say?) Even without the stickers, my organizer stays in place pretty well; it only jiggles a little bit when I open and close the door. Speaking of which, I am able to fully close my door despite the metal hooks.

But my favorite thing about this organizer is the fact that it creates storage out of a previously unused space. My floor stays uncluttered, and so do the other horizontal surfaces in my bedroom that used to be covered with miscellaneous objects. If you don’t already own an over-the-door organizer, I highly recommend investing in one. I almost wish I had another door in my room just so I could place another Univivi shelf system over it!