The Two Most Unpopular Paint Colors Surprisingly Make People the Happiest

published Nov 9, 2021
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In the past two months, different brands have announced their projected colors of the year for 2022, most of which are shades of green. But these popular tones aren’t the most joy-inducing, believe it or not. In fact, it’s the most unpopular ones that spark the most happiness.

A survey by interior design service Modsy has found that, among more than 1,500 respondents, the colors purple and yellow were the least popular paints, yet those same colors had the most positive influence on one’s sense of well-being at home.

Out of the participants who chose violet or purple as a top color to use in their home, 71 percent of them said they feel control over their space, along with 68 percent of those who chose yellow as a color of choice. 95 percent of people who chose violet as well as 95 percent who chose yellow identified as feeling happy in their home space. (Those who chose red and brown were the least likely to feel happy in their homes).

Another interesting statistic: 87 percent of those who chose yellow said they felt safe within their home. (Those who chose red were the least likely to identify feeling safe in their homes).

Credit: Adrienne Breaux

Although the findings don’t explain why purple and yellow are least popular, it’s easy to see why they bring good vibes. Purple is said to be associated with peace, beauty, and even wealth and royalty. Having touches of purple in your home kind of feels like having a vase of fresh orchids around. For yellow, its association with the sun makes it warm, cheerful, and energetic. But don’t use too much, though, as going overboard with yellow can cause anxiety.

The survey also mentions other trends such as the design styles that make people happy, the spaces best for unwinding, and the room that causes the most stress. You can read the complete Modsy 2021 Interior Wellness Report here.