8 Accessories from Urban Outfitters that Prove Your Bathroom Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

published Oct 29, 2019
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We talk about bathrooms a lot here. Bathroom storage, bathroom decor, and even bathroom colors are all fair game—and after all this time writing about such a small space, we’re pretty confident that one of the trickiest things about bathrooms is decorating them. There are a few essentials that all bathrooms need to have (like wastebaskets and toilet brushes), and most of them are fine at best, offensively ugly at worst. To no one’s surprise, we managed to find a ton of actually kind of cute bathroom accessories at Urban Outfitters, the go-to source for boho-meets-quirky home goods. Read on for our favorites that have us rethinking our bathroom setups.

Yamazaki Tray Toilet Paper Stand

If you’re like me and keep your toilet paper rolls under the bathroom sink, this might make you reconsider. Yamazaki is the king of actually pretty utilitarian home goods, and this minimalist toilet paper stand is no exception. It holds three rolls, plus has a small tray on top for keeping your phone safe while you’re on the toilet.

Buy: Yamazaki Tray Toilet Paper Stand, $49

Preston Flex Shower Caddy

Shower organizers tend to be, well, boring. Not that we blame them—it’s hard to make something purely functional look good. This shower caddy is an exception, thanks to the bright blue color and silicone construction (no more rusting). It has bungee-style anchors for staying in place, two roomy shelves, and four side hooks for hanging loofahs and washcloths.

Buy: Preston Flex Shower Caddy, $24

Yamazaki Como Trash Can

Another very unsexy bathroom product? The humble wastebasket. While there aren’t very many cute ones out there, Urban actually has a pretty good selection, including this matte option from, yup, Yamazaki. It comes in three muted colors and features a minimalist wood handle for easy trash dumping.

Buy: Yamazaki Como Trash Can, $24

Smiski Glow-In-The-Dark Toothbrush Holder

Looking for a new way to store your toothbrush? If you don’t have any room on your sink for a traditional toothbrush holder, consider this adorable little guy. He glows in the dark and comes in four different configurations: sitting, holding, leaning, and hugging. Another option that’s not quite as fun is this holder that mounts onto your mirror.

Buy: Smiski Glow-In-The-Dark Toothbrush Holder, $9

Acrylic Dried Floral Toilet Brush

I mean, why not? This acrylic toilet brush and holder feature dried florals that make the grossest thing in your bathroom just a little bit nicer. Rather than get a super neutral model that’ll blend right in, embrace your toilet brush as a decor piece and use it to show off your personality.

Buy: Acrylic Dried Floral Toilet Brush, $29

Sloth Soap Dispenser

Add some cute charm to your sink with this sloth soap dispenser that also happens to be on sale. Urban has quite a few sloth-themed bath products—aside from a matching storage container and toilet brush holder, there’s also a sloth-shaped shower organizer you need to check out.

Buy: Sloth Soap Dispenser, $20 $14

HAY Tann Toothbrush

Urban just launched a new collaboration with Danish brand HAY, including these weirdly beautiful toothbrushes. If you care a lot about aesthetics, popping one of these toothbrushes in a sink holder will instantly make your bathroom Instagrammable (and more fun). Only four of the colors are available at the moment, but we absolutely want them all.

Buy: HAY Tan Toothbrush, $6

Bamboo Soap Dish

Prevent your bar of soap from falling into the sink by securing it in this earthy soap dish. The bamboo base is topped with a ridged plastic dish that looks way nicer than keeping it out on your sink (and there’s a matching soap dispenser, tissue box cover, and tray as well).

Buy: Bamboo Soap Dish, $14