The $39 Decor Trick That Instantly Made My Bedroom Feel More Inviting

published Aug 19, 2022
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In every place I’ve ever lived, the walls are the last to be decorated. Part of it is my own indecisiveness and changing tastes, but I also have a portfolio of art prints that have yet to be framed and hung. After a thorough round of decor brainstorming, I figured my bare windows would be a good place to start. Curtains are the quickest and easiest way to decorate, because I haven’t decided what prints to put up. The only thing left to do was pinpoint the type of curtains that were right for my space. Believe it or not, I wasn’t interested in blackout curtains for my room. I wanted a lighter look and feel. So, with nothing in mind other than what I didn’t want, I kept my eyes open for anything that caught my attention, both in stores and online. 

As a regular customer at Urban Outfitters, I usually check their home section once a day for any fun finds, like my burger and ice cream stools and flower-shaped snack bowls. Before long, I found myself combing through their curtain selection, and finally landed on the top-rated sheer Chiffon Window Panel — but they were sold out. I knew these were IT, so I waited it out and bought a pair in Yellow Multi as soon as they restocked.

The Chiffon Window Panels are sold individually, so get two if you want one on each side. My bedroom window is small enough for a single panel, but because I wanted a fuller appearance, I grabbed two. There was also a question lingering in my mind about whether I wanted a second color to pair with them or not, which I planned to decide after the first set was delivered. The curtain panels come folded and rolled, and are just as beautifully airy and delicate as they look in the photos. Especially so, when I finally hung them up on the gold sun-flanked curtain rod that I picked up from Target. Chiffon wrinkles easily, so these curtains had more than a few once they were on display. I didn’t bother smoothing them out, but my garment steamer would handle them seamlessly if it ever became a real issue. The curtains come in one size (52” x 96”) and pool on my carpet, which looks ultra-romantic. However, if you want less fabric on the floor, all you’d have to do is hang them higher.

Credit: Britt Franklin

In the end, I bought a second color (orange) to go along with the yellow. At the time, the chiffon curtains only came in three colors — Rose being the third — but now there are a total of six. I loved the yellow and orange combo because it adds a warm glow to my room when the morning sun hits that lasts well into the afternoon. My cousin came to visit once and thought I’d left a light on in the back of my apartment because of light pouring through the chiffon! The additional colors in the sheer curtains now make a wider range of temperatures possible with cooler tones like Jade Lime and Blue available. Or if you’re interested in a true neutral, you could go with Cloud Dancer (white). While the curtains may look high maintenance, they’re actually machine washable, so you can keep them looking as good as new.

I couldn’t be happier with my purchase, and while they don’t shield light from my room, the warmth that it brings to the room more than makes up for it. Besides, I love to live out my fairy tale dreams and wake up with the sun.

Buy: Chiffon Window Panel, $33.15 (normally $39)