These U.S. Cities Will Pay You To Move There in 2023

published Mar 10, 2023
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Looking for a change of scenery? Well, if you’re itching to try out a new city, you’re in luck — several government incentive programs across the country will pay newcomers to move there. Some programs specifically target remote workers, while others are open to anyone looking to put down roots elsewhere.

Below is a list of five U.S. cities that will pay residents to move there in 2023, and here’s what it’s like to actually do it.

1. Topeka, Kansas

Median Rent: $903
Median Home Value: $164,589
Population: 125,963

While Topeka is located just over an hour from the Kansas City metropolitan area, which is known for its BBQ, first-rate museums, and vibrant jazz scene. However, the Kansas state capital has plenty to offer on its own, from the North Topeka Arts District to the Evel Knievel Museum.

The Choose Topeka program offers on-site workers up to $10,000 in funds for renting during their first year, and up to $15,000 in funds for home purchase.

2. Newton, Iowa

Median Rent: $700
Median Home Value: $144,031
Population: 15,667

Newton lies just 30 minutes from Des Moines, Iowa, which was recently named one of the best places to live in U.S. News & World Report’s 2022 list.

The city offers qualifying applicants $10,000 to buy a new construction home as part of its home buyer incentive program. However, the home must be valued at at least $190,000 to qualify.

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3. Tulsa, Oklahoma 

Median Rent: $1,273
Median Home Value: $191,809
Population: 411,401

As one of Oklahoma’s major cities, Tulsa offers plenty of cultural amenities to residents, including the Bob Dylan Center, and a riverfront park that was named as one of the best new travel attractions by USA Today.

The Tulsa Remote program offers newcomers a $10,000 grant for buying a house in the area. In order to qualify, you must be either a full-time remote worker or already self-employed outside of the state of Oklahoma.

4. The Shoals, Alabama

Median Rent: $1,395
Median Home Value: $222,705
Population: 148,779

The Shoals region is conveniently located two hours from the cities of Nashville, Tennessee, Memphis, Tennessee, and Birmingham, Alabama, with plenty of Southern charm of its own. 

The area’s Remote Shoals program pays people $10,000 to move there, providing 25% right away to help out with the cost of relocation, another 25% six months later, and the last half after your first year of residency. Applicants must make at least $52,000 and be willing to move within six months of acceptance.

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5. Rochester, New York

Median Rent: $1,295
Median Home Value: $220,464
Population: 210,606

If you’re a remote worker currently living more than 300 miles from downtown Rochester, New York, then you could qualify for the city’s Greater ROC Remote program, which is giving away grants worth up to $19,000 to encourage people to move to the area.

Approved applicants who move within six months of application will receive $10,000 to help with relocation, and can apply for an extra $9,000 if they’d like to purchase a home in Rochester.

For what it’s worth, Rochester is one of the better places to work remotely — Ownerly recently ranked it as the fifth-best city in the U.S. for remote workers.