This Renter’s “Secret” Storage Spot Is Super Creative

published Nov 15, 2023
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Pink painted bedroom.
Credit: Ally Doman

You can find lots of great things in big cities — but apartments with ample storage usually aren’t among them. This, of course, can give rise to lots of small-space storage ideas, which range from maximizing wall space to adding moveable cabinets. However, this vintage apartment’s storage solution is one that blows them all out of the water. 

Natalie Price’s Brooklyn apartment is a study in monochrome, with shades of pink strewn all around. While the original apartment looked like any other older New York apartment, interior decorator Ally Doman changed it to reflect Natalie’s personality — and added a few interesting touches along the way. Once you finish admiring all the shades, you might notice that the deep-set windows have a feature you don’t often see: shelves! Yep, there are shelves set right into extra space around the windows, featuring framed pictures and a variety of knickknacks. 

Credit: Ally Doman

The shelves weren’t added by Ally or Natalie, but part of the apartment from the beginning. Ally did, however, decide to paint them pink to match the wall, giving the area a sense of cohesiveness. Most deep-set windows are unlikely to have the shelves built-in, so feel free to steal this idea and build your own. If the monochrome look isn’t for you, paint your walls one color and your shelves another for a pop of color — or set them up against white walls if you really want them to stand out. 

If you don’t want to use too many tools and make holes in your walls (like most renters), you could try using adhesive to stick the shelves to the sides of the window frame, or simply cut the wood to fit the width. Just make sure the shelves can support whatever you’re choosing to put on them, and that you can still take the shelves out if you need to. Once you’re done with that, check out all the other spaces you can squeeze shelves into