This New Travel Site Is the Kayak of Vacation Rentals

published May 13, 2018
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Booking a vacation is supposed to be relaxing, right? You go away for the sole purpose of escaping your day-to-day life for a week. But the actual process of planning that vacation can be a hassle. You can search multiple different sites to find the best deal and still feel like you totally missed out.

If you are trying to book a flight, KAYAK is a great place to look. But what about where to stay? Hotels can be pricey, even at “discounted” rates. So, a lot of people have turned to vacation homes. They can be a lot cheaper than hotels (depending on where you are traveling) and you can get a lot more space for your money.

But who really wants to search Airbnb,, Home Away, and every other vacation rental website to see which one has the best deal. It can become a day-long project at that point. Well, struggle no more, it looks like our prayers have been answered by

The website runs similarly to KAYAK, where listings are pulled into one area from all over the web. VacationRenter’s website says:

We love vacation rentals, but not how time consuming and complex it can be to find the right one. So we reimagined a better way. We eliminated the need to search across several different sites and scroll through pages of irrelevant results just to find the perfect home away from home.
We bring all the rental options from the leading travel sites together in one place and showcase only the best results.

All you need to do is enter your destination and dates on their website and VacationRenter will do the rest of the work, using automation and AI to find the beal deals from around the web. VacationRenter uses partnerships with other sites to get access to their information, so they can provide guests with available home rentals, hotels, resorts, cabins, and more.