Before & After: Vintage Console TV Converted Into Swank Bar

updated Jul 16, 2020
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It’s funny to remember how large, bulky, yet sometimes stylish televisions were before the era of HDTVs took displays from the floor onto our walls. We still remember our childhood 80’s RCA floor console TV taking up about the same amount of room as 40″ HDTV flat panels all lined up. Sometimes you’ll still find one of these wonderful relics of TV’s past in basements, garages or thrift stores, many not in working order. Here’s an idea of repurposing it for another decade of use…

Over at The Spotted Fox blog, a vintage loving couple reimagined a Silvertone television as something to permanently broadcast a good time to be had:

My girl Bethany and her husband Dylan have a wonderful love for all things vintage. Their entire house is filled with nostalgic little beauties and retro reading material. I should know, I’ve been housesitting for them the last two weeks!

They recently purchased this INCREDIBLE Silvertone TV and repurposed it into the most badass bar I’ve ever seen.

It’s not the first time this has been done, as proven by this past post of another Vintage TV Turned Dry Bar from a few years back.

If a bar isn’t your thing, how about gutting out the old telly and converting it into an aquarium?