You Won’t Believe Where the Sofas in This Stylish Chicago Apartment Came From

published Mar 26, 2024

You Won’t Believe Where the Sofas in This Stylish Chicago Apartment Came From

published Mar 26, 2024
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After four years of collecting a wide array of gorgeous home goods, Liv Huffman finally found the perfect rental apartment six months ago. “My apartment is the product of sheer luck and lots of days spent sourcing,” she admits. Luckily for her, she seems to be extremely talented at finding stylish pieces in unexpected places.

“I found my vintage sofas in the alley behind my office,” she describes of just one great treasure. “They had tags on the bottom from Chicago’s own Marshall Fields in 1995. The customer’s name was Hoffman, which is only one letter off from my own last name! I had them reupholstered, and they are as good as new and will be with me forever.”

Credit: Liv Huffman
The sofas found in the alley behind Liv's office and reupholstered.

“Another lucky find was my dining room light fixture,” Liv continues. “My coworker was taking the trash out and sent a picture of a shade that was wrapped in the dumpster — brand new. I immediately responded and said that it looked like it was from the popular company, Pinch London. He replied that it was, and he brought it in. I saved it for a year until I was in my new space and could finally install it.”

Credit: Liv Huffman
"The day my coworker found my dining light in the dumpster!"

Luck struck Liv again with the artwork in the living room. “I grew up surrounded by my mom’s favorite artist, Thomas McKnight’s work, and a specific piece of his called “Lake Shore Drive” stood out to me as I got older and honed in on my aesthetic. The piece captures a view of downtown Chicago from the windows of a high rise. My parents own the piece, and for a year I begged them to give it to me, but they loved it too much. About a month ago, I found a listing on Marketplace with the art pictured. I messaged the seller, and he said he was selling it for $35. You can’t find the piece online for less that $2,000! My brother and I hopped in his car and raced to buy it. I then had it reframed, and I’m so happy that my parents and I can both enjoy our favorite piece of artwork,” she writes.

Credit: Liv Huffman
"I have had various reupholstery projects completed for my home," Liv begins. "My favorite thing ever is when you give a vintage piece a new life and new fabric. I had my sofas reupholstered, as well as two chiclet style chairs that are now in a nubby cream boucle. My next reupholstery project will be my dining chairs."

“Aside from these lucky finds, I also spend a lot of time sourcing for clients, as a designer at a Chicago design firm. Many times these days spent sourcing means that I come home with something exciting for myself too,” she explains.

Credit: Liv Huffman
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  • Sofas, Dining Room Light — found in alley
  • Art, Lamp, Coffee Table — Facebook Marketplace
  • Rug — West Elm
  • Murano Mushroom Lamp — Moon Shop Vintage
  • Accessories — Various Antique Stores around Chicago
  • Art — River Otter
  • Boucle Chair — Chancelor Davis Design
  • Vintage Bar Cart — Lincoln Antique Mall
  • Onyx Glasses — The Future Antiques in St. Louis.
  • Bedroom Pillow — Intiearth
  • Nightstand — Facebook Marketplace

Thanks Liv!

This tour’s responses and photos were edited for length/size and clarity.