This Tiny, Vintage-Inspired Trick Will Elevate Your Fridge’s Aesthetic

published Apr 12, 2024
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Kitchen with grey-green walls, open shelving, hardwood floors and hexagonal tile
Credit: Tessa Cooper

While keeping food fresh is the main priority for refrigerators, they also offer a blank canvas for design. Whether you’re more of a minimalist and like a sleek stainless steel fridge and freezer combination, you prefer something retro like the SMEG refrigerator, or you want to blend your fridge into your kitchen cabinets with a bespoke paneling, there are so many ways to utilize this large-scale appliance as an extension of your style.

I personally love displaying photos of friends and family on my fridge, but it can look visually cluttered. Luckily, content creator Shelby Vanhoy of Pretty in the Pines has the perfect solution. In a recent TikTok video, she shared that she bought a few small gold, vintage-looking picture frames from Amazon and then added sticky magnets to their backs. She filled each one with a small family photo and arranged them in a cluster on her fridge door for a streamlined but still design-forward look.

To recreate this easy fridge decor DIY, you’ll only need a handful of small-scale picture frames — either from Amazon or thrifted — and adhesive magnets. In her video, Vanhoy also removed the standup backs on the frames so that they sat more flush against the fridge. She opted for mostly black-and-white prints to make the finished setup look even more cohesive and vintage-inspired, too. 

Best of all, this project is easily customizable. Rather than going with all gold frames, you could mix and match various finishes, or select black, white, or even colorful designs. Plus, for any you’ve sourced at thrift stores, you can spray paint them all the same matching shade. Play around with different frame shapes and dimensions as well — just make sure you’ve added sufficient magnet backing to support their weight, and avoid anything bigger than 4” by 6” or 5” by 7” sizes. 

You can also arrange these however you want — either styled together in a corner like Vanhoy’s or dispersed throughout the door between fun magnets and cards. Even one or two ornate-looking frames makes all the difference in elevating your kitchen