This Dr Pepper Candle Smells Like the Real Thing — And Keeps Selling Out

published Dec 6, 2023
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A peach-colored  candle burning in a silver can on a wooden cutting board brightens a Hoboken, New Jersey apartment home.
Credit: Photo By Kathy Feeney/Getty Images/iStockphoto

If you’re the type of gifter who likes to leave a lasting impression with your gifts, then you need to know about this candle that looks and smells just like a can of Dr Pepper. This soda-scented candle has already gone viral on TikTok (seriously … scroll for two minutes and it’ll probably pop up on your feed) and, according to TikTokers who’ve bought it, it’s the ultimate gift for Dr Pepper lovers.

Made by Vineyard Candle Co, the Dr Pepper candle is a soy wax candle that smells just like the soda. Each candle is made in a recycled Dr Pepper can (it comes in 7.5-, 12-, and 16-ounce sizes) and offers up to 45 hours of burn time depending on the can you choose. 

“This candle just solved all of my problems,” one TikTok user wrote over their video, adding in the caption, “THE WAY IT SMELLS LIKE DR PEPPER THO … ”

“This is that Dr Pepper candle that’s been literally everywhere,” TikToker user Shayna said in her video. “It just smells like Dr Pepper … like cherries, vanilla, cinnamon?”

Vineyard Candle Co makes candles in all sorts of recycled beverage containers, and the scents include Dr Pepper, Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Fanta, Yoohoo, and even various wines and hard liquors like Fireball and Grey Goose.

But it’s the Dr Pepper scent that’s driving the internet wild. You can, of course, grab it through the TikTok shop, but you can also go directly to Vineyard Candle Co’s website and order it there, too. Prices start at just $10 for the 7.5-ounce can and go up to $20 for the 16-ounce can.

If your holiday shopping plans include shopping small whenever possible, the Dr Pepper-scented candle is also on sale on Etsy through the same Vineyard Candle Co retailer. Given all of the hype surrounding the candle, the seller is taking a short break, but here’s hoping Vineyard Candle Co will be back soon to fulfill all your soda-scented needs. (You can also set up notifications so you’re among the first to know when it’s back in stock and shoppable.)

No matter where you shop it, this year’s standout gift will keep on giving with every burn — and it’ll smell just like Dr Pepper!