This 164-Year-Old Home Still Has Its Original Cabinetry (It’s a Must-See!)

published Feb 29, 2024

This 164-Year-Old Home Still Has Its Original Cabinetry (It’s a Must-See!)

published Feb 29, 2024
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Two years ago, when Ashley Hogan started renting “The Pickle House,” a one-bedroom historic apartment in Yonkers, New York, she was drawn to the panoramic view of the Hudson River and how the home’s floor plan was perfect for feng shui. 

“The feng shui bagua map breaks a space into nine separate areas such as wealth, health, and career,” Hogan writes. “The house number nine is also prosperous, representing completeness and balance.”

It wasn’t just the layout that was a plus, though. The home, built in 1860, had a lot of natural wood, like the floors and original kitchen cabinets (which Hogan says are “reminiscent of an old boat), that encouraged her love for finding secondhand pieces. For example, a pair of Adirondack chairs came from an actor who played Andy Warhol in a Netflix series. 

“He kept the chairs indoors in his place in Chinatown and had purchased them years ago from someone else,” she explains. “I love things with history and a story.” Because of how many gorgeous plants Hogan has in her home, it might not be surprising to learn that she appreciates how “outside elements find their way inside.” Whether it’s the vines that cover her bedroom windows or the sound of the train passing, she appreciates them. “I call these imperfections character,” Hogan shares.

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Describe your home’s style in five words or fewer: Light-filled rustic wabi-sabi hideaway.

Credit: Ashley Hogan

What is your favorite room and why? The sunroom with the waterfront views is my favorite. Evoking peace and quiet while being immersed in nature with the water, rock formations, and trees. This is the first room I painted with limewash, painted the doors, and wallpapered. I love this layout with the view as its focal point. My plants love it, too. My monsteras grow new leaves in the middle of winter.

What’s the last thing you bought (or found!) for your home? (Include links if you have them!) I found this oval cut-out wood stool in the first snowstorm of the season. Yonkers has crazy hills, and I got stuck and had to walk home maybe a mile with the piece underarm. The trek was worth it.

Have you DIYed or renovated anything in your home? Yes! I experimented for the first time in this apartment with limewash and loved the go-with-the-flow technique of brushing in various directions and the depth of field and texture it provides. I also painted the doors black and took the fabric off the window in the door, as it was previously covered. Who covers a window? Black and/or blue represents water, and in feng shui assists with bringing opportunity into your life. I also wallpapered with this evil eye-patterned paper. Lining up patterns with wallpaper isn’t easy, but I like the way it turned out.

What’s your best decorating, shopping, cleaning, or organizing advice? A home should say something about the inhabitants. It should also have elemental touches of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water for balance and harmony. When something feels off, there is typically an imbalance or lack of one of these. Move things around to different rooms when things feel stagnant — it’s a free way of re-decorating. When in doubt, add plants. Plants are effortless design everyone can afford. Give away what no longer serves you. It’s like that Coelho quote: “If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”


Credit: Ashley Hogan


  • Wallpaper — Spoonflower
  • Frames — Target
  • Joy Is Now Print — Real. Fun. Wow!
  • Planters — Amazon
  • Rattan Mirror — CB2
  • Director’s Chair — Artemest
  • Tile Iron Table — Vintage
  • Pillow — Home Goods
Credit: Ashley Hogan


  • Sofa Cover — Bemz
  • Wood Armchair — Target
  • Jute Rug — Revival Rugs
  • Lamp — Tala
  • Director’s Chair — Artemest
  • Accent Pillows — HomeGoods
  • Side Table — HomeGoods
  • Plant Stands — West Elm
  • Mirror — Home Goods
  • Plant Stand — Amazon
  • Wooden Wall Art — VivaTerra
  • Pillow — HomeGoods
  • Limewash Paint — James Alexander previously Purity Limewash paint in Deserto
  • Clay Pots — Holistic Habitat
  • Wooden Moon — VivaTerra
Credit: Ashley Hogan


  • Audubon Print — HomeGoods
  • Wooden Planters — Vintage
  • Daybed — HomeGoods
  • Linen Throw — Etsy
  • Wood Garment Rack — Burke Decor
Credit: Ashley Hogan


  • Shower Curtain — Tommy Bahama
  • Eucalyptus — Trader Joes

Thanks, Ashley!

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