How to Make Your Decor Work With Your Home’s Feng Shui, According to Your Zodiac Sign

updated Jun 15, 2021
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Credit: Anna Spaller

I’ve been spending a lot of time at home or in my bedroom these days. The pandemic gave me a lot of time to rest, evaluate, and recharge. I also spent some time considering the ways my room’s layout might be affecting my mood and my desire to achieve my goals, which include healing from past traumas, releasing bad habits, and reversing the generational curses in my life. And as I welcome these positive new changes, I want my primary space to embrace these vibrations, too. 

As Orisha priest and spiritualist Jack Fuller told Apartment Therapy, you might feel differently about your surroundings — and even about your outlook on life — after rearranging your room just so. “You can tune the flow to be open, to settle in, and to inspire,” they said. 

In particular, Fuller noted how Feng Shui’s Bagua — commonly known as the Magic Square or energy map — uses nine life areas to identify the ideal purpose of a space and provide guidance on the placement of items within the space. “Feng Shui is a spiritual practice that encompasses many things mostly related to energy flow,” they said. “When applied to home decor, it can enhance not only the beauty of the space but how the space literally feels and what the energy of the space is suited for.” 

To outline your own bagua, you will need to use paper, a pen, and a compass: Start by drawing a large square and then dividing it into three by three boxes for a total of nine squares. The top of the piece of paper denotes north, the right side is east, the bottom is south, and the left is west. Each square then receives a label: The top row, from left to right, is weath, fame, and love. The second row is family, health, and children. And the third row is wisdom, career, and helpful people. (Fuller noted that the labels and their locations on the map may vary depending on translation and personal practice.)

Next, you want to determine where your furniture sits in each square. Start by going to the front entrance of the room. Use the compass to find the due north or 0 degrees, which will determine the flow of the map. The position of the door determines the entry of the energy: wisdom, career and life path, or helpful people. The flow of the room is directed from that point. 

According to Fuller, the map can serve as a useful tool to maximize the energy you want in your space. “The spaces can enhance your love life, help you focus on health, boost your career, and all of the other squares on the map,” they said. However, Fuller advises that the overall placement of the furniture ultimately depends on the individual’s goals and aspirations. 

Of course, you can focus on the square that calls to you and where you are in your life, but what if you don’t know where to start? I talked to Fuller about how each Zodiac sign can use the Magic Square to tap into particular flows, and the accessories they might want to focus on as they rearrange their spaces.

Aries are fast movers, and love dedicated spaces as much as they do an open floor plan. Ideally, they need a flowing space with furniture placed as separators, as well as decor specific to each space to set the mood in each room. 

People born under this sign might consider placing a sectional up against the wall in their living room’s Knowledge square with the TV in the Fame square, Fuller suggests. A mini-fridge in the Love square might allow easy access to the energies, which Aries “burn up” quickly and need copious amounts of, they note. Fuller also recommends placing a plant in the Wealth square so Aries can nurture that aspect of their life — having something living that they need to take care of in that spot will do just that. 

TAURUS – Storage Wall Shelf / Floor Mirror 

April 20 to May 20

A Taurus can be plenty particular — even moreso than Virgos (who we’ll get to in a minute), Fuller says. They don’t want anyone to see their treasures so disappearing cabinets and tons of closet or storage space are key. They enjoy spaces that are isolated and give them comfort. 

Fuller recommends that Taureans surround themselves with neutral tones and bring in some of the love energy by placing a floor mirror in the Love square of their bedroom. Bonus points if it’s gilded in some way to help make the space uplifting and romantic. Taureans should also place their bed in the Family square and a chair in the Helpful people square. 

Gemini is all about duality, and their needs are no different. People born under this sign need access to their inspiration, as well as the ability to document it. While multitasking spaces aren’t necessarily the answer here, Fuller recommends that an office space should have some art supplies in a drawer nearby, as well as a notebook close at hand. 

As for the bedroom, Fuller suggests that Geminis place their bed in the Career square, with a shelf of art supplies in the Wisdom square and office supplies in the Helpful People square. If they can, Geminis might want to position their room so the closet aligns with the Wealth square — if not, placing a dresser, vanity, and/or beauty supplies there does the trick.

CANCER / Incense Holder 

June 21 to July 22 

Because Cancers need free-flowing direction, each room should have a corresponding vibe and complement other rooms in the space.  

Cancers aren’t always aware of their need to be active in the creation of their own happiness, Fuller says. Incense is a good way to work for whatever energy you want your space to embrace. Fuller says the smell of incense is a powerful conductor of memories, energies, and overall mindsets. The holder, however, is to keep the ashes in a collective space, given that Cancer’s forgetful nature might otherwise cause the ashes to scatter across the room. 

Fuller recommends that Cancers optimize their bedroom by placing their bed in the Family square, and a chaise lounge in the Wealth square to fortify a relaxed approach to money-making. They also suggest creating a mini-fridge or snack center in the Wisdom square, and placing a TV in the Children square to distract Cancer from their need to parent everyone they love. 

LEO / Gold Lamp Shade

July 22 to August 23

The self-appointed life of the party, Leos live for gilding and drama. Fuller recommends that Leos invest in reflective surfaces — more so that they can focus on introspection rather than simply catching their reflection (though a Leo will rarely say no to that, either).  

Fuller notes that Leos might want to place a love seat in the Career square of their living room, and angle the sofa into the Wisdom square if their home has the space — bonus points if these pieces allow for room behind them, and avoid touching the wall. Leos might also want to create space for projects and hobbies in the Family square to cultivate empathy and serve as a reminder to put work into building relationships of all kinds, Fuller says.  


August 23 to September 22 

“A place for everything, and everything in its place.” That might as well be the motto for a Virgo household. Unlike Taureans, Virgos like the ability to see their things. Their ideal home has furniture and other storage items should scream “you can see it, but not all of it,” Fuller says.    

In a Virgo home, the attention should be placed in the Fame square, and a few well-placed candles will fill the room with that star quality. While your home might not come with a fireplace, creating an intimate gathering place at the center of a room can provide a Virgo home with comfort and warmth. Fuller also recommends a loveseat in the Career square of the living room, a plant in the Helpful people square and a chest with the pampering tools in the Love square. 

People born under Libra like a dedicated space, and for each room’s decor to inspire the use of that room. As Fuller notes, it’s a collectively-minded choice: Libras want anyone who visits their space to be inspired by it. As a result, Fuller recommends that Libra try to position their bed should be in the Children square, a bookshelf in the Wealth square, and a fireplace in the Family square. 

If Van Gogh was the embodiment of any sign, it would be Libras, Fuller says. Libras tend to fall on their own swords. The painting, which should be placed in the Family or Children squares, will be a reminder that they have to give all they can to what they do, without sacrificing themselves.  

SCORPIO / Abstract Area Rug

October 22 to November 21

Scorpio likes to keep things icy — not as in cold, but as in bling. Think hard lines and metals for this secretive sign, who also delights in cozy accents, says Fuller. To that end, they recommend that Scorpio place a really plush rug in the Health square, and a bed in the Wealth square

Scorpios tend to place work-related furniture and support in the Helpful People square because they tend to be the helpful people they wish they knew, Fuller says. Because they often shy away from the recognition they deserve, they recommend a Scorpio place a mirror or something reflective in the Fame square. 

SAGITTARIUS  / Decorative Screen Divider

November 22 to December 21

A Sagittarius often lives two lives, Fuller says, and will want to balance their public persona with plenty of privacy. As a result, setting up a space so it has plenty of partitions and clearly delineated sections. Even if you can’t erect a wall in your rental spot, a screen divider will do the trick nicely.

Fuller recommends that Sagittarians set up their home’s common area with plenty of seating, ideally in the Wisdom and Helpful People squares. This sign “has a hard time trusting, and having that space open for other people will help invite trustworthy people into their space,” they note. Focusing on seating will also promote a space for healing any inherent distrust to which Sagittarius may have defaulted over the years.  

CAPRICORN / Wine Rack and Mini-Bar 

December 22 to January 19

On any given day, Capricorn fills their schedule with hustle, bustle, and plenty of work. When they come home, it’s time to relax. Think: a robot vacuum, air fryer, reclining chair… If it’s about ease, it’s perfect for hardworking Capricorn. They also deserve to toast to their ingenuity, so set up a bar cart with go-to mixers in the Fame square, Fuller says.

Capricorns should place their bed in the Wealth square of their bedroom, a table or rug in the Health square, and a mirror in the Career square. If possible, the door should be in the Knowledge or Wisdom squares to encourage their creative flow.

AQUARIUS / Coffee Table 

January 20 to February 18

Aquarians thrive with open spaces, so Fuller recommends that Aquarians place a sectional in the Love square if they have the space and situate a coffee table in front of it. They also suggest that this one-of-a-kind sign should cluster artwork in the Helpful People square, and install a sound system in the Career square (a portable WiFi speaker works, too!). 

PISCES / Chest of drawers 

February 18 to March 20

Pisces like to have their stuff easily accessible, which means open shelving and an open floor plan are key, Fuller says. They want to be able to walk directly to whatever they see. Organization is the easiest way to achieve that — enter the multitasking chest of drawers. If this is you, Fuller recommends putting your desk or office space in the Wealth square of your room, and a soft chair in the Family square facing the Health and Children squares. An aquarium in the Career square would be the perfect way to get Pisces to focus on the business part of their career rather than just the product itself.