Don’t Throw Out Your 2022 Calendar Just Yet — Here’s What You Can Do With It 

published Jan 20, 2023
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Credit: Minette Hand

Despite the convenience of a digital calendar, there’s nothing quite like flipping through a fresh new wall calendar or cracking open a brand new planner for the year. Plus, a wall calendar isn’t just there for keeping your plans in order; they’re also pieces of art that stand on their own among the other imagery and artwork in your home. Part of the fun, too, is that each month brings a new scene, so you always have something different to look at.

Some months might end up being all-time faves for their imagery, and if you find yourself wanting to make a given page part of your every day decor, I’m here to tell you, well, of course, you can do that! This year, instead of leaving your 2022 calendar to languish in a drawer somewhere (because, let’s be real, you’re going to forget about it), why not frame some of your favorite months’ images so they’re with you year-round?

Credit: Minette Hand

That’s what Hill Stark did in her Denver, Colorado home. “For an instant gallery wall, repurpose a calendar you like,” she says. Here, you can see that Hill framed nine vegetable-themed calendar pages to hang as a grid in her kitchen, but you can customize this idea however you’d like, depending on your calendar from last year or whatever past-their-prime calendars you can find at thrift stores, vintage shops, or in the clearance section of your favorite bookstore. You can also seek out a new calendar for 2023 for the specific purpose of framing its images at the end of this year — there’s nothing stopping you! In fact, it’s actually a pretty budget-friendly way to curate a collection of wall art.

Hill herself suggests being mindful about your curation by choosing a calendar with images that are all the same size and within the same theme. That way, your gallery wall will have instant cohesion, and many calendars are formatted this way anyhow, so it shouldn’t be too tough to find something to your liking. “Carry a list of the dimensions of your rooms on your phone/ in your email for easy reference,” she offers as a tip. “You never know when you’ll find a steal of a deal and need to purchase something on the spot.” Now’s certainly the time for finding current calendar deals, so what are you waiting for?