This Thrifted Shelf Hack Is “So Clever” and Couldn’t Be Any Easier

published Apr 13, 2024
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In order to be a successful thrifter, you have to think outside the box. You may come across something that is clearly used for a specific purpose, but it’s up to you to make it shine in your own space. That’s exactly what one Instagram user did when she spotted a vintage wooden wall shelf at her local thrift store. Rather than hanging it on the wall as is intended, she literally flipped it on its head and turned it into something even cooler.

“When I saw this shelf at the thrift store, my initial thought was to do the ‘Easy-Off Method’ to it then use it as a book holder but it hasn’t been warm enough here for me to do that, so I went ahead and put it to use!” Valerie from the We Dabble Instagram account wrote in a recent caption.

Valerie flipped the piece upside down and used it as a book holder on a shelf in her home. It’s like instant bookends with an added decorative touch!

The “Easy-Off Method” Valerie mentioned is a method you can use to strip furniture finish with Easy-Off oven cleaner. This will leave your piece with a rustic and bleached look, and Valerie has used this method on several other pieces she’s picked up from the thrift store.

“When thrifting, try and remember to picture the item in your home and how you plan to use it!” she wrote. “Some items, although meant to be used one way, can easily be used in another to fit your home and style!”

“That’s a lovely idea, so creative!!” one person commented on Valerie’s post. Another added, “Totally brilliant!!!”

If you’re really clever, you can even try to hang the shelf upside down on your wall to use it as it’s intended and put Valerie’s idea into use. Just make sure you’re attaching it to studs so that it can handle the weight of your books.

So the next time you’re at the thrift store and you see something you love but aren’t sold on its intended purpose, step outside the box and challenge yourself to find another way to use it. You may just end up with your best idea yet.